October 12, 2008

Oh Mamma Mia!!!!

=====Dedicated to all readers who were alive during the 70's... Oh Gawd... I'm such an old fart!!!=====

Mention the name "ABBA" to any adult aged late 20-something and above and you'll get a reaction of sorts. Either they start jiving to "Dancing Queen"; burst into song, singing "Thank You For the Music" or just shake their head to think that they lived through the Disco age somehow. Perhaps for some of us, we couldn't believe that we have been wowed by these people who wore clothes with so much sequins that it literally blinded us.. back then.

I FINALLY caught Mamma Mia! yesterday with my parents who are big ABBA fans. We never went on a road trip without our ABBA tapes. My sister and I would try to sing to "Honey, Honey" or "I Have A Dream". Yes, ABBA was drummed into us at an early age.

The movie was fantastic! It was what I really needed to feel happy after going through such a crappy week. Nothing is more uplifting than jiving to the song of "Dancing Queen" - a song about having the "time of your life". The last ABBA-related movie I watched was Muriel's Wedding and that was a pretty good movie with some ABBA songs in it.

Sure, some of us would like to make fun of ABBA music but deep down, I'm sure some of us can't help tapping our feet to the music or humming their songs. In fact, the Swedes have this joke about their country's biggest exports were Volvos, IKEA and ABBA... (^___^)

The best part I liked about ABBA's music was that their lyrics were simple, and so easy to sing to. They had a variety in their music too, where they didn't just stick to a particular tempo. Perhaps that was what is so appealing about them.

Anyway, for an inspiring song, try "I Have A Dream"... Listen to the lyrics carefully.

Now, I can't wait for the musical to come down to KL!!!

And yes... I have a feeling that I'll be singing more ABBA songs at the Christmas Karaoke this year... LOL!!!


  1. I so want to go for the live performance too.

  2. Haven't watch the movie yet. But I'm going to Mammamia muscial!! yipee!

    Yes I love their songs. So easy to remember and sing along. :)

  3. What I'm to say next may come as a shocker but oh what the hey:

    I love ABBA!

    Phew...! As a big a metalhead I am, ABBA has a small spot in my whacked out heart.

    At least their songs have meaning as opposed to the drivel on the radio these days!

  4. Hi jess, che-cheh, chris...

    Wow.. Some younger 20-somethings do know about ABBA... ;-)

    jess - I wonder how much will it cost. I hope it'll be great. I was disappointed with the Phantom of the Opera movie 'coz I saw it on stage before. I heard that the staged performance should be fantastic.

    che-cheh - you're going for the musical???!!! NOOOooo.... I want to go too. Wonder if I skip lunch everyday can I scrounge up enough $$ for the tickets...

    chris - Wow!! You're a rare one who loves ABBA.. LOL.. Anyway, some of their songs are nice but the disco ones such as Super Trouper... I have no idea about their lyrics.. ;-)

  5. sigh..i have been meaning to watch it but yet to get a chance.. hope i will able to watch it b4 it ends

  6. I go for the cheapest one la... haha

  7. Hi ben, che-cheh...

    ben - can still go.. go for this weekend!! go go go!! ;-)

    che-cheh - cheapest ticket is RM150++ wor....

  8. Are you watching the musical? I tried to get the tickets but the cheapest and second cheapest all sold out! The ones left are over RM300! Can't afford that. No show is worth that much!

  9. Hi foong,

    Sigh... It's just too expensive... I'll just be satisfied with the movie then. :P


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