November 24, 2008

Cake Obsession

I would have to admit. I have a slight cake obsession. 
The reason why I say, "slight" is that I do not normally idulge in cakes everyday or every week.
However, EV has a very very passionate cake obsession.

EV: I'm hungry
Me: You're always hungry.
EV: Let's have tea.
Me: It's almost dinner time, if you eat now, you won't be able to eat dinner.
EV: I don't care... I need CAKE... DELICIOUS!!!

EV and I are pretty ardent fans of Delicious. Sure, some folks think the food is so-so but I kind of like their menu, especially some of their salads. 

EV: I want to have chocolate and carrot cake.
Me: Wait ...wait.. You're suggesting that we eat TWO cakes???
EV: Yeah, why not?
Me: I can't finish two cakes let alone one. My stomach can't take it.
EV: Wah... Your stomach shrank. Good for you! More for me! 

She tries to convince me that carrot cake is "healthy", except for the cheese topping. Yeah, but she forgets the amount of butter and sugar which goes into the cake as well.. 


Moments later...

EV: Oh no... I can't finish it!!
Me: See, I told you so...

In the end, she ta-paoed the leftover cake. 

Now, EV is not that unhealthy. She only had stir-fried vegetables and some fried loh see fun for lunch. However, when it comes to her sweet tooth, she can't help but succumb to these yummy things...

Of course we finished the chocolate cake first... (^.^)


  1. Wow! The cakes look yummy! I love cakes too! But they are just so unhealthy!! The other day, Secret Recipe had a buy 1 free 1 cake, thought of buying until I saw the queue!! Forget it! Good also, no need to eat, no need to get fat! He he!

  2. I like cake.

    That is all. Muahahah!

  3. Hi foong, Chris,

    foong - The cakes @ Delicious are always so tempting. Each cake is around RM10 and above. Despite the exorbitant price, it is quite worthwhile to be shared amongst friends. I saw the deal once but my family doesn't like cheesecakes that much.

    Chris - Yeah... I know you do... >:)

  4. I love cakes too. But once a while can eat la.. cannot daily...

  5. wah.. looking at the chocolate cake on your post made my knees weak liow.. so sinful but i so want to eat it.. the entire piece.. by myself .. yumyum

  6. Hi YozoraNiteSky,

    You can attempt at it but I guarantee you will feel very guilty later...


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