November 14, 2008

Can People Change?

Snoopy has changed from being "goody-four-paws" to being a naughty dog. She's not supposed to be sitting on the couch...

This is an update to my previous post - "Nightmare Colleagues?" ....

Now, I'm not sure if anyone has tried to advise or understand these people but what happens if this type of person has decided to change?

In addition to this person's cockiness and brutish ways (He likes to burp after every meal and never excuses himself for it... ewwwww), The Village Idiot is also quite tight with his purse strings.

A couple of days back, someone told me that he actually took some orders for Roti Boy (a popular Mexican bun from a local Malaysian bakery) from some team members and went down to buy it. Now, previously, whenever he was hungry, he would just make a loud announcement and just grab some snacks for himself. Hmmm...

Stranger still, he came back with all the Roti Boy and REFUSED to accept money from the team members who ordered them! *jaw drops*

Immediately after that, it started to rain quite heavily... *KAKAKA* (Unrelated matter)

The BIG question is, can people change? If so, should we be cautious or hope that it will persist?


  1. See if it persists, otherwise it is like strike 4D consolation prize. Once a while u get it if u persistent enough. Or maybe he has something BIG coming out. Watch out >:)

  2. I like the rain part. hahaha

    Maybe this fellow read your blog and realize he's been a jerk... so unlikely. Haha

    Normally people don't change abruptly. See if that behavior still persist after a couple of weeks... then we know lo...

  3. It's unlikely people will suddenly change unless he's got some motives behind it. But do give him a chance - perhaps something really happened to him that made him see his bad ways. You will know after some time whether it's just a once in a blue moon thing, or it's for real.
    As for the rain, I thought it should snow instead. LOL

  4. Hi TH, Che-Cheh, Foong,

    TH - LOL!!! I'm thinking of option 2, where he has something BIG and require more people to know about it so that he can get "returns".

    Che-Cheh - Hahahaha.. Doubt that he reads my blog. If he did, he will be commenting every single post I have, just like how he is stalking all the colleagues' facebook status.

    Foong - Yeah, I'm a bit suspicious as I've had situations like this before where people suddenly become nice to me for some reason. I'm willing to give this guy a chance, in fact, praying that he'll change for the better. This guy used to be so proud of having a list of enemies. I'm just hoping that he'll see the light.

  5. It's not impossible to change (either better or worse). Somehow, I do feel that he has changed over the past 2 years, though not much.

    Or maybe he just felt sorry that he was going to whack us that night with his ultra expensive badminton racquet. That's why he bought it to apologize?

  6. I think he wants something. Or is it close to pay raise time?

  7. Hi taxy driver,

    Yeah, I think he wants something too. Salary adjustment is already over. However, the next appraisal is coming up... ;-)


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