November 05, 2008

So, What's Next?

Mama Cat - She's wondering what is going to happen next...

It's another political tsunami... But then again, we all saw it coming. (^__^)

The next question is, what can the 44th President do within the first 100 days in office? The Democrats have taken back both the Senate and House of Representatives, which means they have the bigger say in the US government.

Anyway, interesting times ahead. Mr. President, let's hope you set out to do all what you have promised to do for your nation, and in consequence the world. All eyes are on you now.

I wonder... would this be a catalyst for us in Malaysia?


  1. Congrats to Obama for being the 1st black American president. Now the most powerful man in the world is black. Is that history in the making or what! Hopefully, his policies will not be against Malaysians' interest : )

    Btw, thanks for commenting and becoming a follower of my blog. I really appreciate that! : )

  2. Hi foong,

    Yeah, it's a historic day indeed. Up to him now to do what is best for his nation and we hope that the policies will be beneficial for all. ;-)

  3. Hello angie... still remember me?
    Ahhww... it has be a long time I didn't visit your blog.. How are you lately? OK?

    And haha.. about the catalyst... I'm waiting.. :)

  4. Hi curryegg,

    Of course I remember you!! Sorry that I've not visited your blog in such a long time. :P

    Yeah, everyone is waiting... But we have to make the change too.

  5. Hi, got your link from foongpc site. Good time for a change. Yay!, for Obama!

  6. Hi pete,

    Thanks for dropping by. Yeap, change is on the way. Hope that its for the better.


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