November 03, 2008

Which Is More Irritating... A Boss Who Never Listens or A Boss Who Always Talks?

I just got a very misleading e-mail from my boss.

My e-mail had just asked one item - "Are you available for this meeting?"

His answer was "Please include bla bla in the conc (conference) call"...


What the heck?? A meeting may not necessarily mean a conference call.

Besides that, the attached e-mails clearly stated a request for people to ATTEND a meeting AT A CLIENT'S OFFICE.

Now, IF I wanted to inform him about a conference call, I would have worded my e-mail differently, like so,

"Are you available to join in this conference call?"

I don't like to confuse people. Some call me long-winded but I will NEVER confuse people. A meeting and a conference call are two different items, i.e. apples vs oranges.

Now, this is not the first time that such a thing has happened. There were clearly times when he asked me to clarify a situation and once I got to the office and started to explain. He just interrupted and made his assumptions; proceeded to take action without considering the consequences.

He never gave me any chance to speak up and clearly explain things.

And after that, he will ask me, "Why did this happen?". I can't simply tell him, "It's your fault dumb@$$...", right?

So, which is more irritating. A boss who never listens or a boss who can't stop talking?

He clearly has violated one of the most important rule of being a leader - TO LISTEN RATHER THAN TO BE HEARD.

Clearly, if someone does not take the time to listen to you, he is not showing you any respect.


  1. Oh, my lordy.

    I think that boss you're referring to has no respect for anyone under him. If you've noticed, he tends to fawn over those in the higher level or those who suck up to him.

    Even then, it's not respect, but rather, if you're being useful to him then he's nice.

    Another 6 days or so till the buffet. Can't wait! Woosah!

  2. What about boss who give stupid ideas and wants us to follow them when in fact we know it's not gonna work or boss who act like he knows everything... the kind that lick shoes to go to the top...ewww

    Or boss who has nothing better to do other than correcting our grammar. Hahahaha

    For me these are the worst kinds.

  3. Hi Chris, Che-Cheh,

    Chris - LOL... That's kind of true.. I've sort of noticed it. Anyway, I'm kind of frustrated working with him.

    Che-Cheh - Hahaha... Your boss is acting that way because he's the boss and therefore, has the right to do so.

    Anyway, I used to have a boss who proofread my docs but he took the time to explain the grammar changes as it was a business document. I appreciated what he taught me about using proper business language in communication with customers/vendors.


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