November 04, 2008

Chillis Can Fly?

EV: Do you know that chillis can fly?
Me: Chillis fly??? You mean like fire coming out of your butt when you eat too much chilli padi? (^___^)
EV: What rubbish you talking about??

Kekeke.. This conversation never happened of course. It was entirely fictional. It just happened that we were @ Gardens, MidValley on Sunday to see if we can catch a movie and grab some lunch as well.

We both don't get out too often these days. For me, I've been staying home; following the Canto drama on DVD - Moonlight Resonance like crazy over the weekend. :-P EV, on the other hand has been stuck with work. She's one of those modern slaves where she will take 1 day out of her precious weekend off to go back to the office to just do some menial job like replying e-mails or completing her time sheet.

So, after a lot of persuasion, she decided to go out.

We ended up at Flying Chillies, one of the many Thai food outlets opened by Sea Cuisine Sdn. Bhd.

We started our meal, by calling a starter - Fried Sesame Seed Chicken Toast, accompanied with a Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce (RM10+)

Close up of the starter...

Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables (RM15)

I persuaded EV to order the Thai Green Curry Chicken instead of going alacarte individually. She thought that since we both wanted to taste the green curry, we should order vegetables with white rice.

Thai Green Curry Chicken (RM15 - chicken, RM18 - beef)

The green curry was much more spicier than expected! Don't be fooled by the single "chilli" icon at the side of the menu item. This curry is hot!! The curry had green aubergines (brinjals) but it wasn't the small variety. Anyway, the balance between the sweet palm sugar and salty green curry paste suited my palate.

Infamous Thab Thim Grob (Red Ruby)

We were both so full after our lunch but still managed to scrounge some space in our bloated bellies to take dessert. :-P We both also ordered the Thai Iced Tea which was RM10+ each.

I can't really recall the price of the dessert as I didn't pay for the meal...... Haha!!!

Oh well, do try this place out. The food is quite good although pricey but that's to be expected for this type of cuisine.


  1. Anonymous8:03 am

    Ooo.. you had flying chilies... We thought to go for that also.. But I just came back from Thailand not long ago.. so we chose to go Korean food lol...

  2. Hi keeyit,

    I'm tempted to have Korean food too but am afraid of the spicy kimchi. :P

  3. Yummy! I like that dessert. A sweet tooth like me how to resist such delicious dessert? : )

  4. Hi foong,

    Try it!! It's not too sweet which is just nice for me. :P

    I can't resist Thab Thim Krob too.


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