June 20, 2009

Getting Together @ Canton-i

A couple of weeks back, my friends and I celebrated 1 leng lui's birthday. Well, she's rather shy about her age but I have to say that she's keeping well. :-)

Anyway, upon her request, we ended up at Canton-i @ Sunway Pyramid.


I've been to this outlet a few times and I'm a big fan of their porridge as it is done in the proper Cantonese style - i.e. smooth and thick unlike the Teo Chew style which is like rice in water. The porridge was much to the Hong Kong and Guang Zhou style which I had some many years back.

However, for this round, we did not go for the porridge but had more substantial stuff.


Canton-i serves killer prawn wantans! The prawns are fresh and large. It is really worth every single penny... The wantan skins were brilliant too. Not too thick or thin but just right. The wantans were not overcooked unlike some other places where the skins just burst and the filling seeps out.

We ordered other prawn-related dishes and it did not disappoint too.


With the roasted pork and honey-glazed pork hanging by the window, we can't resist but to order a plate to try it out. I've tried this dish a few times and this time, I would say that the honey-glazed pork had a good amount of fat. At some outlets under the same franchise, the honey-glazed pork was a little dry. So far, the best place for this has got to be Canton-i @ Gardens, MidValley.


With all that meat and seafood, we had to balance things out with some carbohydrates. This was the Fried Beef Noodles with XO Sauce, a very common dish in Hong Kong. It's not bad as the beef was marinated quite well.

We did order some other food such as vegetables and some wantan noodles but I didn't want to post those pictures up. Kekeke..


When my two friends were holidaying in Melbourne, they tried some whitefish which is very popular there. Well, looking at the menu, they ordered a similar type of fish and this was yummy!! Savoury and sweet at the same time, I think it goes well with porridge too!


As for dessert, my friends ordered about 5 different types of dessert but I'll only showcase two as I felt that these two were just out of this world! The simple egg custard tart is a common dessert or dim sum item in most restaurants but to make the perfect custard requires the hands of a master. The egg custard has to be sweet, smooth and warm while the pastry holding the custard has to be flaky and light. Superb... Please order this...


This other dessert can be a nightmare for some folks but for those who love the taste of durian, this dessert is unique to Hong Kong food. Most Malaysians take their durian from the fruit, i.e. fresh in all its "smelly" glory. The durian pancake was so-so, only difference is that it was deep-fried. The fruit wasn't very ripe which meant that the taste and smell of durian lingered but the sweetness wasn't there. :-(

All in all, we had a great time stuffing ourselves. Anyway, Canton-i can be a bit pricey but it is worthwhile a try. Portions are quite large too.

Meanwhile, I'll try to update another blog post later about my Father's Day lunch @... Canton-i... AGAIN!! LOL!!!!


  1. I'm blew away by the first pict. Sharp very sharp hehe

    Already feel like dying from looking at the egg custards... can feel it melt in my mouth too but but cannot taste it hahahaha

  2. OMG! The food look so delicious! I've been to Canton-i in 1Utama and I absolutely love their prawn wantans - so big and fresh!! Yummy!

    The roasted pork was excellent too!

    And of course the egg tarts - simply the best!! You described it well - sweet, smooth and warm and the pastry light and flaky. OMG!! I want this right now!

    The durian pancake - I didn't really like it maybe because the durians were not sweet enough? Maybe it depends - if you get a nice durian you might find it nice. So all depends on your luck, I guess : )

  3. Canton-i? Looks like very high-class wor. The first photo is really interesting. I mean the one which have lantern in the bird cage. Ha :D

    Prawn wanton? I have never tried it. Looks yummy. Fried white fish? The food here is quite special o.

  4. Very nice photos :D But when you said celeb bday for a leng lui, i was anticipating at least 1 photo of her. hahahha.

    Anyway, i've yet to try this canton-i restaurant. =_= very jimat nowadays.

  5. i like the look of that birdcage lantern :D

  6. Your pictures so sharp.. Just like real one.. really want to eat le..


  7. Hi all!!

    Che-Cheh - Hahaha.. Thanks to photo-editing software, the pics can be sharpened. The egg tarts are worth the $$$

    foongpc - Yeah, the durian pancake was so-so. But it was crispy.

    Tekkaus - Yes, I find the bird cages interesting. Reminds me of the old HK dim sum places where people bring their pet birds to sing. Try the food once.

    Alvin - Haii... My friend is very particular about her photos. She doesn't want to be on my blog. She's on my facebook though. LOL!! If it wasn't for b'day celebrations, I won't go to Canton-i too. :P

    Lisalicious - Yep, it's interesting...

    keeyit - Go try!! Do share with a friend or else you won't be able to try a lot of good stuff.


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