June 02, 2009

Perfect Sunday Brunch

After a hectic week, it is often a good idea to unwind with some activities. For me, a good meal with my parents is a definite must for me.

No matter how busy, we all must make time for family; be it a meal or just to meet up for a drink.

My Dad is a big fan of spicy food. So, last weekend, he insisted on having some banana leaf rice at one of the restaurants in PJ.


Banana leaf rice is pretty popular in Malaysia as the "set" comes with a default set of vegetables side dishes, some yummy curry or dal sauce and as an optional dish - meat or fish.


We typically eat Banana Leaf rice with our "natural fork-and-spoon", i.e. our fingers. It can be messy for first-timers but once you get the hang of it, you'll enjoy every finger-licking moment. :-)

There is something definitely satisfying when you eat with your bare hands. Of course, PLEASE do remember to wash your hands before you eat. (^.^)


I was craving for some fried chicken - no thanks to EV who showed me her b'day vouchers from Jusco; where one of it was for KFC... Damn...

Mom ordered her fried fish, Dad some curry chicken while I had my fried chicken. All 3 dishes were delicious!! The chicken was deep-fried to perfection - not too greasy and the chicken is still moist inside.

Dad really enjoyed his meal as he asked for extra rice - with no charge.

However, like everything else, the banana leaf rice set is now RM4.50, where it was previously RM3. The fried chicken is about RM6 when it used to be RM4.50... :-(

Oh well, it wasn't too bad. At least we had the rasem and payasam for free...

After this HUGE meal - we all went back to our carbohydrate coma... Bliss...


  1. Ahh banana leaf!!! I've been dreaming about that. Haha

    Tambah rice without extra charges? good!

    The fried chickie looks really good le.

  2. when saw ur banana leaf rice....reminds me of brickfields banana leaf rice.....

  3. You guys must have a great time right? :D And yeah, just to let you know...I just ate KFC yesterday. LOL :D

  4. Which restaurant in PJ? It is outside got a small open air space for you to eat one?

    I just had banana leaves too last week for my colleague farewell.


  5. Hi Che-Cheh, Tekkaus, Via, Keeyit,

    Che-Cheh - Yep, I like banana leaf rice too... *slurp*...

    Tekkaus - My dad loves banana leaf rice. He'll ask for achar and etc... Make the waiter run up and down.

    Vialentino - Oh yea, lots of good banana leaf rice places around Brickfields. The one at the chinese foodcourt is not bad too. One of my dad's favourite places.

    Keeyit - You're talking about Raju's near La Salle, PJ? This is near the Universiti Hospital. :-)

  6. Long time didn't eat banana leaf rice! Now you remind me about it! I used to eat banana leaf rice at a shop in Bangsar. Yummy!!


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