June 16, 2009

Have I Run Out Of Things to Say?

I had thought a bit about my next post.

I have some photos to put up... Yes, it's mainly about food as this time round, I had gone out with my friends for a good makan to celebrate someone's thirt####### birthday. Kekeke...

Not that I ran out of things to say.

Just that I need to find time to write it. LOL!!

After today's meeting, I realized that from the spreadsheet of documents to deliver, I have quite a number on my plate. Eep!

Not only that, after this morning's meeting with the vendor; I realized that although my team members said that they have 3-4yrs working experience, the questions they posed really showed that they did not do their homework. Arrrgghhh... That means, more filtering work for me. *sigh*

I've already told them to eat, sleep, breathe and sh*t the technical proposal as that would be part of our job. Looks like the message didn't get through yet. *sob*

Aside from that, after this afternoon's project management meeting, they seem quite confused between phase deliverables and project closure deliverables. Hmmm... Not only that, they have NEVER estimated their work before, as they asked me how to put in start and end dates in the plan.

When I did see the dates, I noticed that they planned to start the work in July.... when the work should begin tomorrow... When I asked why, they thought that the side-task was what they need to concentrate on this week.......... In fact, the side-task was already mentioned to be a side-task where we will use around 10-20hours per week and it is on-going...

Looks like I have a lot of work ahead. I have to treat these folks as "freshies" and train them up to speed or else... I may have to vomit out all the documents by myself....

Another thing I have to do is to see what motivates them and bring that out. Besides that, I think I need to bring my old naggy self back to nag and lecture these folks too. :P

Otherwise, they are pretty ok; just that being new, I believe they are afraid to step up to the plate... which is not good, in the organization where I'm at.

So, in a sense, my next post.. should be less ranty and err... more colourful with some photos too. (^.^)


  1. Wow! I believe you have lots of experience with what you are dealing. You kakiis must be lucky to have you in their team. But they need to buck up and motivate themselves too. :D

  2. Woah... slow down... grab a water or eat some fruits. Important ya.

  3. I think your job is very challenging! But you seem to be good at it - that's great.

    It's OK to rant once in a while, as long as not every post lah. Haha!

    And I hope you have more time to blog! : )

  4. rant everyday and u will chase positive things away including the people around u :)
    cheer up :D
    remember that every1 faces shit, just depends on how we face it. :)

    oh, and for a blogger, don post for the sake of posting. :D thats why i write a lot when i have ideas, then save them as drafts.

  5. my tony roma's outing was on the weekday one....if weekend, no one will come out for it since it is an official company event....must have team outing once a quarter!

  6. I agree with Alvin. That's why I only post once a week. That way I can save something for the next. Only on rare occasions will I post twice.

    More food pictures are most welcomed. :)

  7. Hi all,

    Thanks for the comments. Things were a little crazy. I'm usually committed to 2 posts per week. Otherwise, if I'm very hardworking.. I like to post 4 times a week. HOHO..

    Tekkaus - Yeah, I've told my team members about it. Got to convey expectation.. It's only fair. Nobody is a mind reader.

    Che-Cheh - Can't really slow down... :-( I got "sounded" by the Technical PM just now. Will blog about that later...

    foongpc - I'll rant on another channel. Anyway, I think I rant only 1 out of 10 times wei...

    Alvin - Hahaha... True-la, don't rant all the time. Then, it'll be an angry blog, right? Anyway, energy is wasted when one rants too much... Got to focus on the bright side of things.

    I tried to use Blogger's post options but never seems to work properly. Anyway, I won't kill myself blogging-la.. Will blog twice a week.

    Vialentino - Wah, so nice to have team outing every quarter. Anyway, I think I'm opting out of this Thursday's gathering. In fact, I think the architects might opt out due to the tight deadline.

    Christo - Yeah, I usually post twice a week but since I take a lot of photos, I spend quite a bit of time during weekends to perform my digital work on these photos...

    BTW, thanks for dropping by!


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