June 24, 2009

Who's Watching Your Back?

Snoopy is cautiously watching out for Rusty...

Things have been pretty hectic lately ever since the team came up to speed implementing the proper methodology towards the solutioning exercise for the project.

Anyway, we got news that one of the systems is to Go-LIVE earlier than expected and as such, we try to help each other out.

Although things are hectic and stressful, the one thing I like about the team I'm working with is how we watch out for each other. Some of the members often go rushing out to meet with clients or vendors and so, we have to share our information when they come back to the "war room".

The context of the photo I've posted is in the wrong context but what I can say is that when we need support, I can count on my team members.

I've always felt that the success of a team depends on how well we work with one another, not against one another...


  1. Success of a team depends on how well we work with one another, not against one another. That's what we call teamwork! : )

  2. yea, a team with people stabbing each other will never go far.

  3. Yupe! Being in a good team is important. Glad you have a supportive team that watch out for each other. :D

  4. wat i can say...working in big blue and with maxis ppl....they are friendly and co-operative one...

  5. wei...u so busy ke?

  6. Hi all,

    Thanks for your comments. Been busy as things started rolling...

    foongpc - Yeah, teamwork is important but it is important that it is really manifested and not just "talk".

    Alvin - I agree with ya... I miss our team sometimes, you know.

    Tekkaus - Yeah, we don't want to fail and so, we don't want anyone to fail.

    vialentino - Yeah, well... so far everyone I've met is great. ;-) Yes, I'm quite busy now.. LOL!


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