September 20, 2007

The Aunties Are Coming!!!

My knee is still screwed up. Am contemplating between using my own insurance or company's one.... Don't ask me why I'm thinking of it - all I can say is that one involves a lot of hassle, while the other is a bit more straightforward.

Anyway, I opened up my e-mail and got this message from our admin manager who forwarded some info from the building management...

Dear Tenants,

Please be informed that the forthcoming Isetan Sale is scheduled from
Friday, 21st September to Thursday, 4th October 2007. From previous
experience, we are expecting a large vehicle turnout, especially on the
first day of Sale (21st September, 2007).

Following the above, we wish to advise all season card holders to display
their season access cards to the Traffic Controllers on duty during the
sales period. This is to avoid inconvenience and unnecessary hassle to
access the Car Park on full capacity.


The "joy" of working in a building where there are departmental stores around.

I did get to work on a Friday to discover that the traffic had been diverted and that I had to jostle with the aunties for a parking slot. It sucked. It sucked monkey balls BIG time.

Hey, we regular Joe's and Joanne's got to work for a living, not like you aunties, who get to spend your $$$$ on a workday.
So why don't you people go and park your expensive cars, SUVs and mini-SUVs at P3 or P4 and STAY THE FXXK OUT OF MY WAY????

*Sigh*... I'm pissy today as my knee is giving me pain. I'm not apologizing for b*tching about this.


  1. Wow oh wow! You work in KLCC?
    Food there is expensive yo.

  2. yep, fortunately/unfortunately i'm there.

    thank goodness there are pockets of cheap food nearby. (^ ^)

    *ahem*.. now u know why i tapao.. hahaha

  3. Yikes, I can only imagine...

  4. Hi gallivanter,

    don't have to imagine... hehehe... just come on down tomorrow. ;-)

  5. Angie,
    This Aunty here in America kesian you lah :):).
    Aunty Jamy

  6. Hi Jamy,

    Yea.. Thanks. ( >.< )

    I forgot to mention that a new shopping mall opened nearby. So, traffic would be worse off than usual.

  7. Some more now with everyone rushing home "on time" for buka puasa, the traffic, my God! The traffic!!!

    P.S. I'm technically walking distance away from your building. Kakaka!

  8. hi cirnelle,

    whoa.. seriously!! anyway, did you go to the opening of the new high-class shopping mall? :-P

    hehehe.. we should meet up one day. i'll drag alvin along when he's back from uk.

  9. Oooh, my my my, now I kesian Alvin.

  10. Hi Jamy,

    Hahaahha... Alvin's got reprieve for like 6 months in the UK. Hehehe...

  11. aiseh, i work in klcc too .. but i take the train and i love the isetan sales..hahaha.. pity the drivers though..

  12. hahahhaa... yeap.

    LRT is always gooooddddd.. ;-)

  13. aiks painful knee! @-o and yeah sometimes it really sucks to think that while you're working the *others* are enjoying spending their freakin money just inches away from you = ="

    so ur knee got better? :)

  14. Hi conan_cat,

    Yes, it sucks always especially when you're rushing back with your tapao and you see some folks walking around with big shopping bags. (^ ^)

    My knee is getting better. I will talk about it as it has become one of the interesting subjects which came up today.


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