September 06, 2007

Look Ma, My Photosh.. Photo-Taking Skills Has Improved...

As usual, I can always rely on my regular camwhore, Snoopy to provide me with some interesting shots.

Somehow, alot of humans these days are not very keen on having their photos taken. They look at me like I'm some wanna-be Papparazi. -_-"

In this case, I'm Snoopy's "Puppy-razi" since I take a lot of her photos. But I know she doesn't mind.

Snoopy: Don't hate me for being beauuutifoool...

My garden isn't really big but it's so easy to create the illusion of a large garden just by adding some perspective to it, hor??

Anyway, with my photoshop, photo-taking skills, I managed to put that same photo up for Snoopy's blog. She was really feeling a bit sulky that day.

Heehehehe.. Her pic does look good on Black-n-White. Probably because her body has got a balance of black and white. My favourite medium was black-n-white but that was during the pre-digital camera days. Rolls of films were so precious that you have to rethink a few times on the shot you're about to take.

Hehehe... Snoopy does give some really cute shots.

Here she is, doing her "howling" thing. She likes to howl at a particular newspaper man who comes by the house every morning.

While the neighbours dogs will howl at every Old Newspaper truck which passes by, Snoopy is selective.

The maltese at the other side does not howl but only barks at the Newspaper man who delivers newspapers every morning. Something about motorcycles must irritate that little guy.

Oh well.. these days my photoshopping photo-taking is more focused on non-human subjects (other than Snoopy - she's partly human), i.e. plants/scenery/food.

But i really like to work on my macro shots. Heheehe...

Nevertheless, I've still got a long way to go. Especially when I've got more features to play on my camera.

The only thing which I wish to have is a Vibration-Reduction (VR) since I've got such shaky hands. I'm planning to get a little tripod but lazy to bring it around unless I'm going somewhere nice.

Note: All the photos were edited by Picasa2 and PhotoFiltre... heee heeee


  1. Oo... I like the last picture, the close up of that leaf. Very artsie. How many megapixels is required for such clarity in a picture?

  2. Thanks cirnelle!

    I nearly went blind as I went about in the garden trying to look up and down for photos to take.

    I used a 3MP option for the shot. My little camera can only take up to 5MP. (^ ^)

  3. hi again. wondered if u read about this?

  4. hello...

    yep. it's certainly very bizzare. i hope my parents will not do something like that to our dog. :-S

  5. I love macro shot too. Last pict is beautiful.

    Chester never howl. I wonder why. Haha

  6. hehehe, yeah. macro shots are fun!!

    Hmmm.. I haven't seen a lot of big dogs howling. But their bark is sure loud. (^ ^)

  7. Are you joking Angie? You don't need the VR or anti-shake or whatever :D (nice shots btw, and that's without VR)

    U only need the proper setting... and don't use zoom, be it optical or digital. You'll get sharp shots everytime. But I always take 2 shots or more just to be sure hahaha.

    Btw, what's the minimum distance of your macro focus.. did u get the 1cm macro type ... cool.

  8. hi vincent!

    thanks! my hands tend to shake a lot. :-(

    currently, i'm not sure what kind of macro type i have in my little PnS camera. i've just started to nibble a bit of interest in photography. *sigh*... should have joined the photography club back in school. i ended up in astronomy instead. lol!!

    yeap, i try not to use the optical/digital zoom and i try to get as close to the subject as much as possible. that means, i have to learn the photographer's awkward kung-fu poses. :-)

    anyway, thanks for the tip. i'm just a newbie in this. :-P

  9. You should then check the manual or google for the spec of ur camera eh :)... Anyway, if your camera has problem focusing, then u know you're too close to ur subject ;)

    Most new digital cameras have macro min focus distance around 3~5cm, but the better ones can go to 1cm or lower. (I've seen one Olympus model with 20cm macro .. hahaha)

    Btw, I notice that you have date imprint enabled.. hmm, that's a no no if you're serious (or even not so serious) abt photography. Date imprint was meant for the OLD type film photos. It destroys your beautiful compositions.. seriously.

    Also, nowadays many digital camera models don't even hv date imprint feature(unless in 'Postcard' mode).(Some of my friends bought the 'No date imprint' models and were not happy .... I told them that's the way it should be hehe)

    The date/time of a digital photo is already embedded inside the photo files(metadata).

    You can just right click on a pic and choose 'Properties > Summary > Advanced' to see all the data (date taken, res, shutter speed, camera model etc.)

    Or you can also add a "Date Picture Taken" column in the Windows Explorer/My Computer.

    Hope I din bore you :D .... Have a nice weekend.

  10. One more thing.. If you disable date imprint, rmb to check the camera's system data before you start any shooting session. Especially if you have kept the camera unused for a while.

    If the battery is drained, the system date can be maintained for only abt 1 week(depends on model).

    Some of my colleagues took their holiday photos without checking the date and all the photos have the wrong date data embedded.

  11. Hi Vincent,

    Hahaha.. Thanks for the tips. I'll definitely check my manual. Must have misplaced it somewhere. I was checking it some time back to check out something about night photography.

    Yeap, I know about the metadata storing a lot of information including the date. ;-). If you're viewing using Microsoft Office Picture Manager, you can bring up the properties window as well. Unfortunately, the default Microsoft Windows Picture and Fax Viewer has no such functionality. :-(

    Just to let you guys know, my PnS is an old Nikon Coolpix 5900.

    If it runs out of battery, and the date is screwed up, the first thing it does is to ask you for the current date at the first power-on after being fully charged. A neat little feature. :-P

    Hey, you didn't bore me with the details, it was very informative!!

    Thanks again! Have a great weekend.

  12. ha! finally found someone who appreciates photography art! your photos look great and you did a great job!

    take care! :)

  13. Hi elween,

    unique variation of "alvin". :-)

    thanks for dropping by. plenty of photography art out there. most of it are very cooooollll...

  14. not bad shots... learn up and who knows... u might not be a modern slave in the accounting world. photographers make a lot nowadays.

  15. hey zewt,

    thanks for the comment. i'm not a slave in the accounting world but trying to escape the slavery in IT world. kekeke...

    yep, depends on what type of photographers... papparazi?? (^ ^)

  16. At least you take better pictures than I do.

  17. hi mandy... you sure or not?

    give yourself a chance to take some photos. it's all trial and error. ;-)

    i have shaky hands. that's why i hope to get a camera with a VR. However, Vincent said otherwise. kekeke


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