September 02, 2007

Oh!! For the Love of... @#!!@#$!#!@!!!!!

You betcha.. This is another rant.

I was all geared up to post a couple of things like Snoopy's birthday but nooooooooooo... Tmnet had to make sure that their lines was down and sh*t.


I pay RM88 each month so that I can say "I pay Tmnet to screw me each month..."


I'm having sh*tload of problems even just surfing the local sites. Don't even get me started on the international links. So, for those of you who relocated your sites to overseas servers - good choice. Your readers may still visit your site, but for those who hosted locally, tough luck. They may encounter problems accessing the local servers here as once they get into the M'sia network, the network probably is too busy to entertain requests.

Not sure where the problem lies, i.e. the network equipment, people, process or brains. My guess is all of the above.

Anyway, got word that there was will be a lot of disruptions due to upgrade work as mentioned in but then, it's 7 days ago?? Isn't there a dependency in your little project plan to state that if a particular site did not pass the user acceptance test, i.e. customers not experiencing connectivity/internet problems that you should not go on to the next task in the plan???

What kind of stupid project management is Tmnet following??? My guess is, their project plan probably consists of a long line with just two milestones - start and end.

*Sigh*... I'll just have to hang tight until it gets better.

But wait a minute. When has the connection EVER got better after ANY upgrade??


  1. i also using rm88 package...and whenever my hsemate or i download something using torrent....i cannot even access google page. =_=

    *sighs*...i think if u get 4mb line also same 1 la. maybe give u 2mb only

  2. yea... remember tmnut's clause of "best possible service"... it applies to all.

    *sigh*.. just have to hang tight-la buddy and hope that it all goes away in a week or two?

  3. I guess their "upgrades" are actually announcements for "You will be experiencing problems with your broadband connection even more for the coming month. Be prepared". I do hope that they upgrade their services and provide us with faster and more stable connections. And please stop throttling the connection especially when we're torrenting. I'm paying for the service and they cannot limit my use to "checking emails, normal surfing and occasional downloads" only.

  4. yep, that sounds more like it. lol!!

    frankly, their emphasis should not only focus on our aged network but also to rural and international links as well.

    there are countless stories of people living in new areas in klang valley with no access to internet because they can't get a phone line in the first place.

    i believe the throttling will continue as they can only provide a small pipe for us despite claiming to be able to provide 4mbps. it is still "best possible service" only.

    anyway, alternatively, you can look for free proxies which will help a little bit in your surfing. not only can free proxies help a little bit but you can also guard a little bit of your privacy as well.

    as for screamyx, all we can do for now is scream.

  5. Have faith that we will achieve reliable connectivity once we reached our Vision 2020/2057, whichever comes first. Malaysian products have a tendency of possessing that "push" factor on users, you should know that by now. I am supposing that my office uses Enterprise by Streamyx, which explains the bulk of my office stress.

  6. hi cirnelle,

    i hv no doubt that we will achieve that goal by 2020/2057. however, i fear that by that time, m'sia would have seriously lagged behind.

    we're only starting to offer 4mbps packages when s'pore has been offering 8mbps since 2005. we're 2 years behind our friends down south.

    oh well, i'll just "tunggu dan lihat"... ;-)

  7. This is afer all, a developing country. Cheap and reliable service will have to wait.

  8. sigh.. how true... how true...


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