September 25, 2007

PhotoShop... Photography Again!

I've been spending a lot of time at home, especially during the weekends since my knees need rest. So, I've been working on my other favourite past time - photography.

I've only got a small digital camera now - Nikon 5900 which is a 5MP camera. I'm learning how to use it but dream of one day owning a DSLR.

Before I forget, let me wish everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!! It's not Pesta Tanglung or Hari Tanglung... ( >.< ) The bouganvillas in the garden are blooming. Yeah, expected it to do so since the weather has been rather dry. We used to have the orange ones, I think those died. These are just grown on the ground.

I managed to capture a bit of sunlight reflecting off the water droplet on this bamboo plant leaf.

The light was just shinning at the right direction. I do wish I got a bit closer but that might have ruined the shot.

This was my attempt of trying to capture "nature at work". There was a small black ant scurring across the birds-of-paradise plant. So, it's not clear. Hehehee....

This is probably one of my favourite shots because it has a lot of different colours and I managed to capture the light and shadows just cascading down the leaves. Kind of reminds me of a Windows Vista wallpaper. LOL!!!

This is my late grandpa's orchid. The one which he forbade us to touch. If you touch it, you will lose your life.

Everyone was not allowed to touch or play ball near this plant except for my little sis. My little sis could come and take the paper scissors (for kids) and cut some of the leaves and he won't say a thing. Hehehe... That's favouritism for you.

This plant now belongs to my dad.

The following photo is also my favourite. Probably because of the colours and shadow photography. Thank goodness it was a pretty hot day.

Heheehe... Another candidate for Windows Vista wallpaper? Kekekeek... Perasan-nya.. Kakakaak!!!

Of course, plants and flowers were not my only subject. Snoopy is also my "reluctant" camwhore. Muahahaahaa...

So sorry to do that to her. But she was wearing her "lampshade" after her operation. You got to admit, that's a very good way to transport your toys around. Kekekekekee...

Snoopy and her paws. My first attempt of putting up some perspective shot. Yes, fur does grow in between a dog's toes.

There's a reason why I put up both pictures side by side. I'd figure that this photo looked better in black-and-white, rather than coloured. I didn't modify the photo except to increase the brightness/contrast so that the pillar stands out more in the black-and-white photo. Needless to say, Snoopy looked "sexy" in this shot. Hahaahha!!!!!!

Kekeke... This is a lot more fun than my last post.


  1. happy mid-autumn!

  2. Hi zewt,

    Thanks man! Hope that you had plenty of mooncakes to chomp! ;-)

  3. Oooo.... Snoopy's paws close up is my favourite shot todate! Try a close up of inside her jaws next time. Hahahaaha!

  4. Hi cirnelle,

    Yeap! I love that shot too. Lucky that she didn't wake up when I took that photo.

  5. Nice shots. Much better this time round. Btw, sun shine will give more depth to pictures(with the bright areas and shades) .

    Hope to see more of your "adventures".

    Did u see my latest post? I've got myself a doggie too... photoshop one lah :D

  6. Hi Vincent,

    Thanks for the compliments. I wanted to capture the essence of sunlight at different times of the day. You're right, sunlight gives a lot of depth to pictures.

    Heheeh... Yeah, I saw your doggie. Kekeke.. Cute-la. :-P

  7. MonkeyWong12:01 pm

    The "reluctant" Snoopy is so funny, I laugh so loud when I saw it, :P

  8. Hi MonkeyWong,

    Hehehee... Cute-le. :-P


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