September 11, 2007

Ethical Entrepeneurship

I just got news that Anita Roddick, the founder of BodyShop has just passed away yesterday.

She struck me as an inspiration as someone who was an ethical entrepreneur who not only started her own business but was able to use her business as a platform for world issues such as environmental concerns, women's issues and children's causes.

When BodyShop first opened in M'sia, I was rather excited since I was interested in the environment to learn that there is a cosmetics establishment which cared for the environment. The shop was different as the staff explained that the products were not tested on animals and that they do not encourage people to take a bag when they bought things unless necessary. My mom used to go back to the shop to get refills on some of the products as they encouraged recycling.

Later on, my sis joined their organization and she told me that the staff were shown videos of how animals were slaughtered for cosmetics products as well as how animal testing was conducted. She said many people had tears in their eyes after watching the video.

Anyway, it is heart-warming to note that there are entrepreneurs out there who feel that their business can give back to the community. Certainly, she is not one of the first business leader who became a philantrophist but she used her business as a platform to spread awareness and fight against world issues.

God Bless Her and her family.
Note: this entry was written in green as it is a green post.

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  1. In the same spirit of saving sharks and the planet as a whole, let's go vegetarian for a week since chicken prices are soaring starting Thursday.

  2. good one!

    hmmmm.. doubt that some of my colleagues will want to go vegetarian. :-P

    i need to avoid some carbs and hence, i'll definitely grab my salad for the next few days.

    chicken prices going up again? wow.. the feel-good talk after bajet 2008 sure wears off real fast.

  3. Good on her : "Anyway, it is heart-warming to note that there are entrepreneurs out there who feel that their business can give back to the community"

  4. Hi Jamy,

    Hehehee.. Yeap! She stands on the same stage with Bill & Melinda Gates and Richard Branson.


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