September 12, 2007

I Need A Holllliiiidddaaaayyyy!!!!!

Me: Hi! My name is Angie and I'm a WORKAHOLIC. I've been a WORKAHOLIC since 1999.
Everyone: Hi Angie!

Hehehe.. I wonder if that is what it'll be like when there is a WA organization (Workaholics Anonymous). (^ ^)

Anyway, I was chatting with my team lead a few days back about a colleague who suddenly took a couple of days off just to clear leave.

Team Lead: Yeap, he took a Mon and Tues off to clear leave.
Me: oic
Me: i wonder how many days i got left.
Team Lead: Yeah, you should consider taking some time off.
Me: yeah.. i got 15 days. :-P
Team Lead: Hmmmm.. I've got about 17 days... :-)
Me: :-o

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Yep... I only managed to take 5 days off this year, that includes my emergency leaves. I've decided to allocate some time for EV so that she can torture get my help when she moves down to KL for good.

It is about time I took a small cuti-cuti as I've been working my @ss off ever since 2002. One acquaintance of mine used to berate me for not taking time off. Well, I've been "tied" up. If it is not about work, its the $. Time to save a bit of moolah for the nestegg, you know what I mean?

Nevertheless, I've given up some time for my parents too as they want to travel to some place but need someone to look after the dog and house. This, I don't mind since they've worked hard all their life in bringing us up.

Now, I'm thinking of a small trip either with a few friends to get to a few places. Or, a trip to somewhere I can take my dog too. (^ ^)

Currently, on my list this year is....

1. Melbourne/Tasmania - visit kawan2 n relatives
2. Korea
3. Cuti-Cuti Mahrasia (Malaysia)

Kekekee.. Now, I've got to figure out where I want to go and also figure out how much $ I can spare. :-P

Oh no... I've neglected Snoopy's blog. I'd better do something.


  1. I normally take abt 5_7 days leave every year. The rest forfeited lah. :)

  2. I mean 5~7 days hehe

  3. hi vincent,

    wah liao... you waste how many days per year? :-o

    cannot sell back-ar? :-(

  4. Wow you're really tied up so badly. Take a week holiday la. Better yet 2 weeks! hehehe

    Hmmm Melbourne and Tasmania! Nice. If I have the budget I'll go next year.

  5. hi che-cheh!

    yeap. i love melbourne. miss it a lot since i spent some of my youth there.

    if i have budget, probably NZ is a better place.

  6. CAn you sell back your leave, Angie? I thought the usual case would be once not used, its forfeited?

  7. hi cirnelle...

    unfortunately, i can't sell back my leave. :-(

    i can through special cases bring some forward but then, it's only up to the max of 5 days. Otherwise, it is all burned....

  8. How about Florida ?
    Beach, Disney, Kenny Space center, Daytonna 500, Miami, KeyWest, and last but not least ridding on Jamy range ? he he he he.
    Might be you ask , a, Jamy, send me ticket lah :):), ha ha ha ha.
    Have a good break wherever you have planned, ok :):).

  9. wahahaha!!!

    US has been on my sights a looong time. Not sure if I want to go there this year or not.

    Hehehehe... I'll definitely talk to you when I want to go there. *evil-smile*

    My best pal said that Orlando Disneyland is theee best! My other best friend said that she still wants to visit the Anaheim one first.

  10. I'd rather take a long holiday then a short one. But deadlines....ahhh !!!

  11. Sell back unused leave days? Not if my big boss is still alive ;)

  12. hi mandy,

    yeap! i know that feeling... :-(

    hope u do take some time off to relax.;-)

  13. hi vincent,

    hahaahaha... sounds like my old boss. lol.. ;-)


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