September 17, 2007

Lunch Tapao (Packed Lunch)

I've been taking a break from the laptop for the weekend as I've got a lot of resting to do. (-__-)

My knees are still out from my over-indulgent gym exercises and I'm just lazy to setup the laptop in the living room to surf the Net and etc. In short, I was being a lazybum the entire weekend.

Anyway, my mom cooked a fantastic roast chicken last night and since we had some leftover, I decided to cook some pasta for my lunch ta-pao (packed) today.

It's nothing fantastic, just some simple roast chicken breast meat, white mushrooms, garlic, olive oil, parsley and tomato paste which transformed itself into this...

Kekekekeke.. Nice or not?

Anyway, it's been a while since I've ta-paoed something from home. At least I get a change of taste despite all the yummy stuff around my office area. Besides that, it's healthier as I can control the level of salt, sugar and oil in my ta-pao food. The only problem is... I'm too much of a lazy bum to just cook my lunch the night before.

Oh well, another Monday is about to close. I'm soooo relieved!!!!!!


  1. what a coincidence...i just cooked pasta yesterday. :P
    You're using fettuccine pasta?

  2. Mmmmm.... kai si hor fun kon loh Yee Dar Li style. Or ala Angie. *Drools*

  3. che-cheh - yeap! it's fettucine! very yummy. :-P

    cirnelle - yealo! told my mom that it is gwai lo kuon lo sar hor fun (dry sauce flat rice noodle). kekeke.. (^ ^)

  4. Aiyer, I cooked macaroni for lunch and now I see yr pasta, I hungry again.

  5. Alamak, at first glance, I tot it was char koay teow :D ... Hmm, maybe I need to check the color balance of my monitor.

    Btw, I love pasta too. Yummy.

  6. alamak lilian.. sorry-la. after i look @ my photo, i pun hungary.. :-P

  7. kakaaka.. vincent.

    it is "char koay teow"... gwailo style-y. lol!!

  8. Its been a long time since I've brought lunch from home.

  9. hi mandy,

    home tapao is nice...... :-P

    a bit of home at work. try it when u've got some time.

  10. MonkeyWong4:34 pm

    I also want to cook but everything the Mr Lazy kills my spirit.... :P

  11. hahahaa... ask Donkey to cook for you? :-P

  12. Gee.. that looks so yummy! I can only cook pasta too but i use those sauce in the bottle.. *shy*.. i dunno how to make my own sauce..

  13. hi cbenc!

    hehee.. i also cheated. (^ ^) took the sauce from Prego. kakaka!!

    quite easy to make your own sauce because the ingredients are mainly tomato, garlic, onions and water. the only mah fan part is cutting up all the ingredients and watching the pot when you're cooking.

  14. i have been trying to tah pau from my home since the longest time... never got around doing it. but i don think i have such nice food as yours la... haha...

  15. hi zewt,

    come to think of it-ar... this is probably the best leftover i brought from home. hahaha.

    i know what u mean, most of the time, its hard to tapao from home, even if its just leftovers. :-)


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