September 19, 2007


Wow! I can't believe that this little ":-)" has turned a quarter of a century old.

Hehehe.. We tend to use it a lot in e-mails and during our chats. Heck, even my little chatbox has the smiley.

Anyway, Happy 25th B'day :-)!!!

It's an icon of the computing age. :-P

(^ ^)


  1. No! Really?!

    By the way, I think your comment in my blog got eaten up by Akismet or one of those Eskimo sounding names. So sorry.

  2. Wow! I thought it was invented in the early 90s or something like that..the time when internet is gaining more popularity. Me wrong. Hahaha

  3. cirnelle - yeap, its weird, rite? no worries about the comment. figured it got lost in cyberspace. :-)

    che-cheh - hahaaha.. ya, prior to internet explosion, e-mail was the big thing. :-P


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