March 21, 2009

Catching Some Zzzzz

Okie... So, this one is a meme from Tekkaus. Thanks for informing me about the meme. (^___^)

Some years back I suffered from a mild case of insomnia due to a very irregular sleeping schedule. It was bad because you feel exhausted during the day due to lack of sleep. Your mind feels foggy and you can't concentrate properly.

Needless to say, sleep is important. Without sleep, humans can die in a matter of days!! Besides that, new research suggests that lack of sleep can increase risk of heart attacks! Eeep!!

So, here goes the meme...

~How do you sleep at night?~
Is your sleep affected by the national angst? Do you drop off easily, as you always did? Or does it take a while to get to sleep?
It depends. If my mind is distraught about some stuff, I will be tossing and turning in bed for hours before I can fall asleep. However, most of the time, I fall asleep without knowing that I did - especially when I'm reading or watching TV.

~What strategies, if needed, do you use to get to sleep?~
Pills? Sheep? Late night television show? And/or…?
Deep-breathing exercises and a dark room. For a while now, I was having poor quality sleep because I left my table lamp on. When I started to turn it off about 10 minutes before I sleep, I find that I doze off easier.

What strategies do you have to get back to sleep?
Reading a book...

~Are your dreams affected? ~
Are they more anxious than before? Do they wake you up in a sweat? Or are they peaceful, innocent, undisturbed by the general malaise?
Certain foods like strong teas can make me more alert while gas-inducing food makes me feel uncomfortable when I sleep. Most of the time, my dreams are affected by events of the day or some thoughts which I would like to place in my sub-conscious at night so that my conscious mind in the morning will know what to do. Hahaha.. Basically, I try to dream good stuff so that my conscious self is reprogrammed accordingly.

OK... I'm having a slight neck and head pain due to a poor posture while sleeping last night. So, will be taking some stuff to relieve the irritation.

Shall I pass this meme on? Hahaha.. Hmmm... *thinking*

Snoopy sure knows how to enjoy her nap!!


  1. You're like my mom. She can fall asleep while watching tv or reading newspaper. I guess you're too tired. :P

  2. Hahahaha..

    Yeah and as I get older, I think I need to listen to more "white noise" from the TV to fall asleep! :P

    My mom knows when the TV is off, and then complain that she can't sleep when the TV is off!

  3. Ha =) You did the meme. Your snoopy look familiar you know. Hmm...just like the "milo" in The Mask!

  4. I have no problems falling asleep. Some people think I'm rude cos I can fall asleep in the middle of a conversation! LOL!

    I like my bedroom to be totally dark when I sleep. Not a single light not even from the streetlights outside : )

  5. Hi Foong,

    Hahaha, you can fall asleep midway through a conversation? That happens to me when I'm on the phone, late at night. :-)

    Yeah, a dark room is best for sleeping and curing migraines. ;-)


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