March 05, 2009

Check Your ATM Transaction Print Outs...

During such harsh economic times, every single penny counts. And so, even when we use the ATM to do our banking or reloading transactions, it's important to check your ATM transaction print outs.

Last night, I nearly got a heart attack while reloading my Touch N' Go card at the ATM.

I usually reload my card every two months and so, for each reload, I go for RM200, since I'm already down to my last few ringgit - RM3.61, which isn't enough to get by the tolls I pass through each day., to and from work. :-(

I went through the motions and da... da... da... Everything went as normal. So I thought.

When I touched my card, the ATM screen showed that I've reloaded RM2000!!!!


Well, when I got the print out, it confirmed what the ATM screen showed. I've reloaded my card and instead of RM203.61, it showed RM2036.14!!??

I checked the balance at the ATM again, (cost me another RM0.50 to check... GRRRRR) and Thank Goodness, it showed the right balance - RM203.61. *Phew*

The funny thing is, where did that 0.004 come from??? Hmmmm...

If I had really reloaded RM2000 for my card, I would have called up the bank to give them an earful about their programming error. I don't mind reloading my card with that large amount as it would save me the hassle of reloading it for the next 12-15months, but to lose RM2000 from your account is just painful!

So, better check your ATM transactions carefully.


  1. Wuah scary man.

    How come check balance need to pay 50 cent? Is this maybank ar?

  2. wah i nearly had a heart attack for you too

    if its me, i might js call n screw them upsidedown... lolx
    for making my health worse than it should

  3. ZeroH8:32 pm

    I had a better experience once. I tried to reload RM100 for my TnG but guess what, the balance on screen showed RM10002.70, so does the receipt! Here's proof:

    The next thing I did was to insert the card in my SmartTag and behold, the balance was the same! FYI my bank account didn't had so much money so I was sure I had only being charged RM100 for it. A few days later, I went to the nearest Putra LRT just to try it out and after two short rides, my balance was RM10000.70 showed on the gate LCD!

    However a few days after that, when I was crossing the PLUS toll, my card was being denied and blacklisted. I had to go to the office and get it sorted out, only to get a new card back one month later with the RM100.70 balance. I found out by googling that there are lots of errors regarding the reload of TnG at ATMs nationwide. Moral of the story, better reload elsewhere to be safe. =)

  4. I think we shouldnt trust anybody or any machine. Just trust yourself and be careful in whatever we do. There are cheating everywhere whether it happen intentionally or unintentionally. Right?

  5. Holy sheet! I'd be flipping mad if that happened to me since I tend to reload at ATMs myself.

    Smart card, butt smarter!

  6. What a shock! Maybe you should make a complaint. I usually reload my mine at petrol stations.

  7. Hi Che-Cheh, Lisalicious, ZeroH, molly, Chris, Foong...

    Che-Cheh - Haha.. It's Maybank. Everything outside the Maybank scope, they will charge RM0.50 per transaction at the ATM.

    Lisalicious - Hahaha.. Since nothing happened, I didn't think it was worthwhile to complain against them. You know-la, they will have their "tidak-apa" attitude...

    ZeroH - Whoa!! Your case is really extreme! Funny that the bank didn't catch that error. You already don't have that amount of $$$ and yet they still let the transaction through. Hmmmm... Someone didn't do enough testing. :-) Anyway, I prefer to reload at the toll but ever since they changed their hours, it's been hard to reload there.

    molly - Yeah, we shouldn't blindly trust the machine. We should be more careful in the first place but I think everyone has grown complacent with technology, so, we tend to trust the machine.

    Chris - Yeah, I think we better be more alert.

    Foong - You reload at the counter right? I prefer to reload at the toll but then, they changed their operating hours. Grrr... So, got to find alternative places. I think I'll reload my card at the counters in the future.

  8. Too bad it wasn't banking in Money to your bank eh? :P If it is then nice lor! ^.^

  9. Hi Shinky,

    We all wish that were the case, right? HAHA!!

    However, my conscience will eat me from the inside out and I will return the $$.

  10. Don't tell me even when you are playing monopoly and you got "bank error in favour of you, collect $1,000,000" when landed on chances or community chest, your conscience will eat you up? ^.^;;

  11. Monopoly is a game-mah. But then, in all my years of playing, I never got that card. LOL!!

    Real life is different.


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