March 13, 2009

Quick Updates

Quick updates on what I'll be up to this weekend.

1. I believe I still owe someone a tag... I'll have to find out who.

2. My good friend Katherine is finally getting married. I wish both Katherine and JC congratulations and many blessings as they begin their journey together.

3. I need to figure out what to write on my blog next...

Have a great weekend folks!! Titans will clash this weekend between Liverpool and Manchester United. I'll most likely miss that because of #2.


  1. need watch the football...MU sure win one lah...hahaha

  2. Haha Vialentino is right. :P

    I'll have my dinner early on Saturday. Must chup tv.

  3. LOL... you also quick update ar!! hahaha...

    anyway, man utd gonna win this weekend!! =D

  4. Glory Glory Man United!!!

  5. Manchester lost! =( Anyway nice post this angie! very cute and clinical! HA :D

  6. Liverpool won! Yippee! It's not that I am a Liverpool fan or not a MU fan, it's just that I support whichever team that wins! Haha!

    Btw, what you commented on my blog is quite scary - all those loud voices of people talking outside your hotel room were actually ghosts? I would freaked out!

  7. Hi via, che-Cheh, Andrew, Mike, Tekkaus, Foong,

    via - *sigh*

    che-cheh - *sigh sigh*

    Andrew - LOL!!

    Mike - *sigh sigh sigh*

    Tekkaus - Aiya, nevermind-la. Good that MU lost. Sometimes it's a wake up call. Thanks!

    Foong - I didn't go and find out. I just continue to try to sleep. :-) It's ok. MU will do better this week.


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