March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

So, Earth Hour came and went. How was your Earth Hour?

No fanfare or party where I was. I had already promised someone that I would cook pasta for dinner last night.

After visiting DCIM at Midvalley briefly (and coming out of the exhibition hall empty handed), we did a bit of grocery shopping and went home before the massive jams started outside. I was glad to have an assistant "chef" to do all the chopping and cutting. :-)

All that hard work in the kitchen paid off! This time I think I've found the right recipe to make a yummy pasta sauce... ;-)


The ingredients for the pasta was simple - other than the Prego pasta sauce, I added extra garlic, onions, minced beef, Swiss Brown mushrooms and a few chopped cherry tomatoes. Salt, pepper and sugar (as the sauce can be quite sour) was added to taste. Of course, the ingredients were cooked in olive oil too.. :-P

I added extra cherry tomatoes, parsley and a few drops of olive oil to the pasta assembled. The yellow cherry tomatoes really made the dish quite cheerful.


Of course we didn't just have carbohydrates alone. We had to have some salad to accompany our meal to make it balanced. So, my graceful assistant quickly sliced up some butterhead lettuce and cherry tomatoes.


When 8:30pm approached, I decided to take a photo around the neighbourhood where my friend lived to see if there were any supporters of Earth Hour... :-)

At 7:52pm, the picture below was taken from my friend's balcony...

At 8:34pm, I took the next photo...

Not much difference.. MySpace

Maybe the folks around her neighbourhood were not aware of the campaign or perhaps, there are more lights on during the normal weekdays as folks are home from work? Oh well, we did turn off the lights and watched a show in darkness. We happened to be watching the first pilot episode of Fringe - an X-Files-like series from the Sci-Fi (or SyFy - to be rebranded in July) channel.

So, how was your Earth Hour like?


  1. "So, how was your Earth Hour like?"

    the total darkness was AWESOME. but the mosquitoes were not. (-_-")

  2. Wah looks very sedap! Good cook la.

    Nobody switch off the light over at my place... except us.

  3. Hi Silveraven, Che-Cheh,

    Silveraven - Hate them mosquitoes... Should have had those oil mosquito coils handy...

    Che-Cheh - So, did you have your BBQ? Hehehe... I don't think a lot of people will support as some people say, they need the luck anyway...

  4. Hey there,

    The first half hour was spent at home, in total darkness. Then I headed off to meet my friends in Pavillion. Along the way I saw a couple of mamak shops, yes, the same shops where you can get roti canai and whatnot, actually switched off their lights and used candles instead.

    All in all, it was a good nite.

  5. It was fun until the mosquitoes attacked! Then had to switch in the fan! Don't care cos that's a necessity. Haha! But still keep the lights off!

    I was surprised most of my neighbours switched off their lights too. That's a good sign.

    Your pasta dish looks delicious!! Yummy! I never knew what ingredients to add to the usual pasta sauce, now I know! Home made pasta is so much cheaper! I just think the price charged by some restaurants are ridiculous!

  6. my earth hour...i was at nilai...friends wedding dinner ler...did not celebrate it

  7. i had dinner during Earth Hour.. lol nothing much.. nothing much happened at my uni either.. =P

  8. I was at living room chit chatting with housemates with candle lights on~

    But later we feel that too many of mosquitoes bites then we went out mamak for supper~

  9. Hi Chris, Foong, Via, Ken, keeyit,

    been a bit lazy to blog lately.. keke..

    Chris - whoa, mamak also supported Earth Hour? :P

    Foong - I was lucky not to be bitten as my friend's place was quite high up. Yeah, some places charges too much for pasta... I only know the tomato-based sauces for now. :P For your $$$ worth at an Italian place, do try pizzas - especially the thin crust ones. Some places are excellent where you can even taste the smoked wood from the wood-burning stove. - Hey, thanks for dropping by. I don't think many would have participated but hopefully, the message will stick...

    via - I can't imagine if the wedding dinner shut down for 1 hour for Earth Hour...!

    keeyit - Chit-chatting in the dark is fun but of course, with mosquitoes, uggghh... Sounds like you had a pretty good Earth Hour too.


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