March 28, 2009

Snoopy Poses For The Camera

The office's Internet speed was awful this week, hence, I could not upload any photos. Anyway, I think the IT support team are "snooping" around the network to pinpoint if there are any issues as we've been having some problems connecting to the UK servers from Malaysia.

I meant to put up a post about one of my dogs - Snoopy, who's a real darling.

Ever since she was a pup, we've trained her to not be afraid of the camera and ever since that training session, she loves the camera! Or rather, choose to ignore it. Kekeke...


The picture is blurred as I was lying on the bed. The background is distracting and I should have used the 50mm lens for nicer bokeh.


Snoopy ignores the camera... Actually, the neighbours' dogs were barking and she was listening intently to their "conversation".


This has got to be my most favourite shot of Snoopy to date. I used my 50mm lens to take this shot of her while she looked at what her brother Rusty was doing.

She's a quiet dog and not as active as what her Jack Russell Terrier traits expects her to be but then, I'd guess it's because in her mind, she's the QUEEN OF THE HOUSE.

By the way, do remember to turn off the lights tonight at 8:30pm for Earth Hour...


  1. First pict Snoopy is so 'yeng'. Hehe

    How come you have steady hands ar? :P

  2. Hi Che-Cheh,

    The first pic has a bit of camera shake... :-(

    Anyway, practice makes perfect... Try to shoot at 1/4sec for a looong while and you can hone those steady hands skills... :P

    Snoopy is always so "yeng". She knows she is beautiful.. Such a vain little dog.

  3. aiyooo sangat tak boleh tahan of the cutiness


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