March 11, 2009

Simply Red

There used to be this popular band in the 90's called Simply Red. However, that's not what we'll be talking about.

EV was excited to catch Watchmen and treated me to the movie. However, at the end of it, she was sorely disappointed. I sort of enjoyed the movie as the effects were really great; the movie replicated what was described in the novel. Lots of folks said that at the time the novel was written, movie technology was not advanced enough to replicate the effects.

Aside from that, EV decided to chia (treat) me lunch!! We decided to try the new cafes at the newly refurbished wing at 1Utama. After looking through the few stalls, we found Penang Flavours.

EV ordered the Mee Rebus, while I went for the Prawn Mee. We also ordered the Pai Tee or Top Hats, a favourite Nyonya delicacy.

Prawn Mee, costs RM7.90

Mee Rebus, can't remember how much it costs.. (^^)

Pai Tee (Top Hat), costs RM4.60

After the movie, we stumbled upon the Shell showcase which displayed the Shell Ferrari F1 car as well as the ultra-cool and sexy Ferrari too.


I'm not a fan of F1, neither do I know how to take great photos of cars; but since the opportunity arose for me to practice my hobby, I was thinking, why not?


I just love the prancing stallion...

What's the model of this Ferrari again? :-P

Me being so excited about the car forgot to look at the specifications but it turns out to be the 599 GTB Fiorano. I'm no auto-head but don't you get excited should you spot the odd Ferrari on the highways?


  1. Nice ride! Wish I could afford 1... ^.^

  2. eh... what is my car doing there?

  3. I like one song by Simply Red. I just can't seem to recall the name of that song now.

    Pai tee aka Top hat? Why is it called like that? Never eaten before.

    I will be amazed if I see a Ferrari driven on the road! Btw, I own 3 Ferrari cars at home - the toy cars from Shell of course, what are you thinking? LOL!

  4. Hi Shinky, Mike, Foong,

    Shinky - Yeah, don't we all wish we own 1.. I don't mind owning a model... for a start. (wishful thinking)

    Mike - Aiyoo.. They borrow your car without asking you, how can? :P

    Foong - Wah, you own 3... models. Not bad woei. I did see Lamborghini racing down NKVE last time...

  5. You made me hungry!!! Gonna eat me sandwich now cum preworkout meal. I so don't want to pengsan whilst doing weights today. Haha.

    The more I think about, the better I think the movie adaptation of Watchmen is. Wonderfully told, the pace could've been slightly faster IMO but overall I would pay to see it again.

    That Ferrari is gorgeous, too. Woooo...:)

  6. i shud park my mclaren car next to it...then only can cabar ferrari car

  7. Time to luch.........many food here

  8. Hi Chris, via, Heryrhey,

    Chris - Watchmen is a loooong graphic novel. Wonder if they would ever do Sandman one day?

    via - Man... Mclaren... It's a damn fine car.

    Heryrhey - Quick! Go eat... Damn, I'm hungry now.


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