March 09, 2009

Gloomy Day

On the 3rd of March, there was a massive downpour in the Klang Valley which resulted in flash floods around the city.

I was lucky to be still working after 6pm as I was on late shift duty which ends at 7:30pm. Since it happened to be my colleague's last working day; we planned to stay back later than usual for dinner.

After the downpour, our office building seemed to be surrounded by clouds, which provided a surreal view that we were floating in the skies; but also masked our view of the horrendous traffic jams which were going on the ground below.

I took this from the window near my work area... The next shot is even more eerie...

Of course I've edited the photo's colour curves to give it a more eerie effect. Sure makes you feel rather cold, right?


  1. The scenery is magnificent..

    Its like working on the clouds or on top of a mountain XD

  2. Thought you took this photo at somewhere cold country. Recently, raining heavily at PJ too especially during working time.. and got to work late to avoid jam...

  3. Wow! Such a magnificent view!

  4. Wow stunning. I thought you just came back from a holiday. Hahaha

  5. wow nicely captured and eerie looking too hahaha

  6. Hi Jian Akiraceo, keeyit, Shinky, Che-Cheh, Lisalicious,

    Jian Akiraceo - Thanks... Somehow, I don't feel so enlightened... yet.

    keeyit - yeah, when PJ is jammed up, traffic is very bad. :-(

    Shinky - Thanks! Lucky to be having my camera when this happened.

    Che-Cheh - LOL!! The view is all Malaysian.

    Lisalicious - Thanks! Was worried about the water droplets and reflection off the window but it turned out ok. Did some PP with Gimp...

  7. Wow! looks like the City In The Clouds from 'Star Wars:Empire Strikes Back' movie! LOL!

  8. Hi foong,

    You're thinking about Clode City, owned by Lando Calrissian?

    Well, you're partially right because where I worked, we have a living, breathing Darth Vader...

  9. at which office building u took this picture? ur level seems to be very high up...

  10. Hi via,

    Care to take a guess? It's next door to your ex-company's office? ;-)


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