December 06, 2008

Christmas @ Work

Christmas is clearly underway now. Even though the economic situation seems quite dreary, but we do all we can to give ourselves some hope.

My office has started to put up some decorations for the upcoming Christmas party. It will be a fun time with some dinner and "Secret Santa". (^ ^)


This is a new Christmas tree which we put up this year. For many years, the office has been putting up a very small tree where we have to place a large box so that it looks better. So, after talking to management, management has decided to fork out some money to get the tree and new decorations. Yay!

I wished that the candy cane was real... ;-)

Even the shopping centres are outdoing each other this year with the Christmas decorations. This year, Suria KLCC has done away with the typical purple decorations and had decorated the tree with ornaments related to Christmas and the winter wonderland.

As for the attraction, Suria KLCC has scheduled performances of Christmas carols by different musical performers. For tonight, a string quartet performed in front of an audience. A string quartet consists of performers using four instruments - 2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello.


I did not stick around for long as I had to go home. I do hope to capture more Christmas decorations at the other shopping centers. If you do have time, do try to stick around to see some performances as it will be worth your while. 

That reminds me, I will need to get the home ready for Christmas too!


  1. Your office Christmas tree is beautiful.

    Thank God KLCC opt for something else this year. It's nice.

  2. Love Christmas lots. It is always the prettiest and joyous time of the year

  3. Hi Che-Cheh, Horizon,

    Che-Cheh - Yeah, I was surprised that the deco this year was so much nicer! Tough competition from the other malls to increase retail sales!

    horizon - Yes, Christmas is always a pretty time and it's great to bring the camera out with you to capture all the loveliness of the season.


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