December 15, 2008

Dear Santa...

Yeah... Yeah.. Christmas is around the corner - I GET IT!! 

I've been procrastinating my Christmas shopping as I got distracted by the lovely Christmas decorations at all the malls. LOL!!!

Gosh, I still need to shop for the Secret Santa event in my office and the dinner is this week! Alamak! Really cannot procastinate any longer!!!!

Anyway, going through my Flickr page I discovered that one of the shopping centres has put up a mailbox for Santa Claus. Now, we don't have a very active "Dear Santa" tradition here in Malaysia but since Bangsar is an area where a lot of expatriates shop; I'd guess this was quite relevant. :-)

If you could write to Santa, what would you ask him for?


  1. Dear Santa:

    Please take the fu..oops, naughty, boys away from the office and replace them with nicer ones.

    Yours very sincerely,


  2. Dear Santa, please come and buy over our company. :P

  3. Hi Chris, Alvin,

    Chris - LOL!!!

    Alvin - I'll add on to the list, please also give us a competent and fair boss. (^^)

  4. Dear Santa, all I want is another dog to accompany Chester. Hahaha

  5. i remember that there was a xmas mall contest last year in kl. is there one this year too?

    i like the deco in spore... but i also remember once in bangkok (last year) - the deco for xmas was way beyond expectations, and seriously classy! :)

  6. Hi Che-Cheh, QuaChee,

    Che-Cheh - A companion for Chester? Boy or gal? :P

    QuaChee - Not sure if there's a mall contest but will wait for results. Parents said that S'pore's Christmas deco is a bit less classy than last year's. Wonder if it reflects the current mood? :-)

  7. Chester is very hamsup... so better boy. Kekeke


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