December 17, 2008

Talking Wood

===Take note, this post has nothing to do with anything obscene===

In Cantonese, wood (木) is pronounced as "muk", which if applied as an adjective, it means that you do not show much expression and is quite steady, like a tree, standing in a forest.

Anyway, EV and I had a conversation not too long ago...

EV: I want to watch movie.
Me: Yeah, I know.

EV: I want to watch Keanu Reeves.
Me: You want to watch that "muk"? Hahaha...

EV: Yeah, I like to watch "muk".
Me: You do realize that he's a "muk".

EV: Yes, but he's a good "muk".
Me: What makes you think he's a good "muk". He really acts like a "muk"-la. No expression. Really like a piece of wood.

EV: Yeah, but its not easy to play a "muk".
Me: You sure not easy meh?? He just need to stand there, like a "muk".

EV: Yes, it's not easy. That's why people pay him to play the "muk".
Me: ??????

Kekekekee... Anyone watched "The Day The Earth Stood Still" yet? 


  1. hmm, I think leng chai 'muk' a lot of ppl still like to see lar. hehe..

  2. Wahaha! Thankfully you put the caveat right at the beginning. I almost thought otherwise! To a certain extent, yeah, I have to agree that Keanu can be so wooden (or just devoid of any emotion) it's not funny. Like in Constantine, the dude should've done better, seriously. But at least he ain't no Steven Seagal!

  3. Hi Joyce, Chris,

    Joyce - LOL!! I think so too. That's why my friend dragged me to watch Constantine...

    Chris - Yes, Constantine could be better. Do you remember the death scene from Matrix Revolution? Hahaha.. What about Steven Seagal?

  4. I like this 'muk' too. Like EV said... it's not easy to play a 'muk'. Hehe

  5. Although he is muk, he is handsome.

    I watched that movie already. FYI. So so only~

  6. Hi Che-Cheh, keeyit,

    Che-Cheh - Hahaha... Seems like a lot of people like this "muk"...

    keeyit - He is an attractive "muk"-la.. Hahaha.. Really just so-so? Then, wonder if I should wait for DVD. :P


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