December 01, 2008

Tapped Dry...

I'm really tapped out of ideas.

Not sure why my blog is really in a rut lately. I seem to be losing subscribers as seen in my Feedburner.. eep!!

I want to rant about stuff but can't seem to find the energy for it.

EV will say that I'm suffering from Mondayitis. It could be a bit true. Even watching some funny football antics at I'm On Setanta Sports did not help much.

Perhaps I need a nap.

Perhaps I need to binge on a bag of chips (uggghh), but after watching a 5-hour marathon of Dr Oz on Oprah on the Hallmark channel yesterday, I am compelled to eat more fruits, vegetables and do more exercise to get into shape. Note that when Dr Oz pulled out the "omentum" of a fat/obese person, I got really scared... and disgusted!!

OK OK... Maybe I need to spend some quality time at the gym. After all, I have missed my sessions for the past couple of weeks due to being sick.

I wanted to go shopping for Christmas stuff this weekend but traffic around the malls is just horrendous. And, we're supposed to be in recession, no?

Or, perhaps I can start thinking about some lens for my new camera? **Hint - Christmas pressie**

Oh well, at least a holiday is coming up next Monday. (^.^)


  1. Next Mon what holiday?

    So this is your Mondayitis rants eh.

  2. Hi Che-cheh,

    Next Monday happens to be Hari Raya Haji. :-)

    Yeah, I'm in Mondayitis mood. Looking at blog templates for 2009. I need to improve my blog as its PageRank is 0 and I'm losing subscribers!!! :-(


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