December 09, 2008

Steamboat With Friends

I didn't do quite much this weekend except to hang out with my Mom and friends.

I had an errand to run which was to get some presents for our close family friends' kids. So, that involved me shopping mall hopping for the last few days. Well, the best part is that I managed to get the presents bought AND wrapped at one go. *Phew!!* - I'm kind of hopeless in the gift-wrapping department.

It had been quite cool at night with all the heavy rainstorms lately and so, EV was in the mood to have some steamboat. Basically, its a hot pot where we cook food slowly in some broth.

When the soup is ready, we just put in the ingredients to cook. The ingredients include seafood, some meat, vegetables and often at the end, when the soup is well infused with yummy goodness, we add in some noodles or eggs. It's quite a healthy way to eat provided you take lots of vegetables and lean meat. (^^)

The set we got was quite basic. Some seafood of prawns, clams and bamboo clams along with plenty of fish balls and tofu. It was not great but there are better steamboat places than the one we went to. 

After such a heavy meal, we all took a walk around Bangsar (yes, that's where we were) to help our friend hunt for some Christmas goodies. She was on an errand to look for some Christmas dessert. There are certainly a few cafes and bistros around this area but most of the goodies were beyond her budget.

We finally settled for a traditional Yule Log from Theobrama Chocolate Lounge, where EV and I tried out previously. We tried out their Chocolate Almond Cake which was just rich with dark chocolate with very little cake. Perfect for those serious chocolate afficionados. 

Yes, the cake is awfully small to be shared by 4 people but since we're watching our waistlines, it was a wise choice. :-)

Before that, we walked around Bangsare Village II and saw this HUGE decoration in the middle of the mall!!!

This Christmas tree @ Bangsar Village II is pretty awesome. Instead of putting up some fancy "fake" tree like other shopping outlets, BVII has taken a "green" approach. If you look closely at the tree, you will see what I mean...

The tree is made up of recycled PET bottles! Now, that just makes a lot of sense. Recycled goods can make beautiful decorations too! I marvel at the people who took the time to put up the decorations for this. 

Anyway, more beautiful photos of other shopping complexes to come up next! However, personally, the deco at Bangsar Village II will be my favourite this year. ;-)


  1. After looking at your steamboat photos... I've decided to eat steamboat this weekend. Hahaha

    Oh yeah I agree with you the BVII Christmas tree is awesome. Very creative eh.

  2. The Christmas tree is nice! Out win all other shopping malls in KL.

  3. Oh, love steamboat! Just ate one a few days ago at Dataran Sunway in Kota Damansara.

    The Christmas tree is nice indeed. Very creative of them to use bottles! Somehow, I feel this year's Christmas trees decorations not so nice in all the major shopping malls.

  4. Hi Che-Cheh, hyperX, foongpc,

    Che-Cheh - Hahaaha... I am a bit scared of steamboat. Prefer to eat steamboat @ home.

    hyperX - Yeah, I haven't seen all the Christmas deco in all of the shopping malls in KL but so far, BVII is quite creative & environmentally conscious.

    foong - At least KLCC decoration is much nicer this year than previous ones. :-) I need to check out a few other places like IKANO and 1U before I can make my decision... :-)

  5. Oh, I haven't check out KLCC yet! Will try and make a trip there next week - just to check out the Christmas deco - can you believe it? : )

  6. Hi foong,

    Yeah, it is quite ok. Not sure if the performances are still going on. :P


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