December 03, 2008

Getting In The Mood - Last Christmas

Are you looking forward to Christmas yet?

My family has not yet figured out what to do as some relatives will not be around during this Christmas as they will be flying off to Perth. Thank you Air Asia, now everyone can fly. ;-)

I've been compiling my Christmas song list and realized that my favourite song "Last Christmas" from the Beatles was not there. Oh well, got to add that song somehow.

Anyway, I got this flash from a friend some years back of the song I liked. Someone posted it up on YouTube.. Yay! Have a look, the flash animation is just great...

Well... Last Christmas, my family hosted the family get-together and it was the first time my family invited the in-laws for dinner. We got to celebrate my cousin's birthday too. We had a fun time singing carols and also karaoke.

Christmas is about 22 days away. Yeah, time to get crackin'!


  1. Like the Christmas video - cute! I guess this Christmas I will be having gathering with friends and family. It'll be great! : )

  2. Hi foong,

    Yeah... This animation rocks!

    Just hoping for a simple Christmas this year. Doesn't have to be fancy with lots of presents or etc. Just company of friends and family will suffice. :-)

  3. oooh! that's my fave christmas song too! :)

  4. Hi ehon!!!

    Both songs happened to be my favourites for Christmas.

  5. Christmas is always good when family and friends are involved.

    And not forgetting the delicious Christmas spread. Yum, yum!

  6. Hi Chris,

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to the Christmas break. Am quite tired thinking about the upcoming "shite" coming through...

  7. The Christmas video is very nice... love it.

  8. Hi Neo,

    Yeah, this video is my favourite. I will watch it come Christmas every year. :-)

  9. Haven't decided what to do this Christmas ? Do the shopping, first. :)

  10. Hi TML,

    Hahahaa... Not much shopping to do for Christmas this year. ;-)

    However, I need to think about some other stuff other than myself this year.

    Hope you enjoy the Christmas season!


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