December 19, 2008

This Factory Makes Donuts

Donuts... Mmmmmmm...

My parents recently went to S'pore to attend a wedding of their friend's daughter and during that time, they caught up with our close family friends.

On the day they went back, our family friend recommended donuts from this place --> Donut Factory. Apparently, the donuts are fantastic.

Yummy Assortment of Donuts

At first, the donuts looked like the kinds sold by Big Apple & Co. or J.Co but once you sink your teeth into one of these "bad boys", you'll be hooked.

I thought the taste would be similar to J.Co's but I was wrong. So wrong.

These donuts taste FANTASTIC!!!!!

My parents, who are not big donut fans found these donuts to be fluffier and less oily than what Big Apple & Co or J.Co has to offer. The tangy aftertaste of the flour can't be found here and the texture of the donut seems more dense but not as dense as Dunkin' Donuts. They are quite generous with the filling too.

The instructions on the box tells people to reheat the donuts for 6 seconds in order to enjoy a nicely warmed donut. Of course, if you have put the donuts in the fridge, you'll need to thaw the donut to room temperature before reheating it.

*Sigh*... I feel so guilty after eating a donut. I need to exercise.


  1. If only I have money... can open franchise here. kekeke

    Frankly speaking I don't like big apple n j'co's ones.

  2. dont worry..1 donut wouldnt sure u can burn it easily..

  3. heehee.. xmas and new year time is the best time to indulge in the good food.. don't worry, everyone will be putting on that extra kilos during this time :D

  4. wah didnt know got another donut player....

  5. Have not heard of this donut before. But there is one called Krispy Kreme, which is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than JCo and Big Apple. Berjaya Group is going to bring Krispy Kreme to Malaysia next year. Yeah!!!

  6. Hi Che-Cheh, Joe, YozoraNiteSky, Lisa, Lisan!

    Che-Cheh - Aiyoo.. Do you like donuts? :-P Yeah, a franchise of this can be an instant $$-maker. Hehe.

    Joe - LOL!! Thank goodness there was only 1 left or else I would have gone for another!! Donuts are bad, they go straight to the thighs!

    YozoraNiteSky - I can't afford to put on more kilos. Got to reduce the weight... :-(

    Lisa - Yeah, this franchise is in S'pore though...

    Lisan - Oh no!! Krispy Kreme is coming to KL!! Arrrgghhh!! Those donuts are crazy delicious!

  7. I'm not a big fan of donuts, and luckily too because I think they are unhealthy! I have not tried Donut Factory before, but I think Dunking Donuts is the lousiest donuts I've ever tasted. I'll be looking forward to Krispy Kreme : )

  8. Took ur cue and visited the Donut Factory. Ordered a Latte and a Dark Cherry Chocolate donut. Like Apple & Co. the Latte comes together with a glazing donut. I had 2 donuts. They are good. Soft. Just like Apple & Co. but they are less oily. Much less. I find Apple & Co. is good but D.F. less oily donuts are better.

  9. Hi foong, TH,

    foong - Yeah, guess our tastes has evolved or the Dunkin Donuts quality has eroded. Anyway, Donut Factory is in S'pore, so if you're heading down south, guess you can try them. When KK hits the shores here, there'll be super long lines like what is going on at J.Co or Big Apple. :)

    TH - Yeah, D.F. donuts are less oily which is nice. D.F has interesting flavours too.


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