December 01, 2008

Did I Just Lose Another 2 Kg??

Snoopy looks a bit surprised... So am I...

This is rather shocking.. I just weighed myself and found out that I've lost about 2kg!!

Well, I didn't check my weight last week but I'd guess I was surprised that I dropped by 2kg this week, despite not going to the gym. 

I've been quite strict with myself - no coffee or Milo at work. If I did take Milo, it was only one cup that week. Other than that, it has been nothing but green tea, hot water or natural fruit juices. 

As for lunch, it is often a challenge to eat healthily. Most foods have a lot of salt, sugar or oils and to make the right choice is hard. If all your colleagues prefer to go to this chap fan (economy rice) where the foods are tasty but has a lot salt and oil, your choices are kind of limited. Of course, the best option is to pack your own food - that way, you control what you eat. But often, do we have the time or are we disciplined enough to prepare our food daily? 

Besides that, no supper or any kind after 9:30pm. I have my dinners quite late due to work, but when I do have it, my portions are smaller and often have a lot of leafy green vegetables in it. I move around quite a bit after dinner and will go to bed 4-hours later. It's not good to sleep with a full stomach.

Perhaps my "recent" weight loss was that I managed to clean my bowels completely this morning? (^.^)

Anyway, this small win is a cause for celebration... BY GOING TO THE GYM TOMORROW!!! 

With Christmas coming and the temptation to indulge in all foods very difficult to fend off; this season will be a testing one... So, stay strong! Stay fit! Choose the right foods! Be motivated to stay fit!!!!


  1. It always feels great to see the scale go down. Congrats and keep it up.

  2. If you consumed less than the calories you needed, most probably you'll lose weight. Just like me. lol

  3. wah.. good news for you..

    Dieting is the main cause of losing weight.

    Keep it !

  4. Congrats and keep it up! You're definitely on the right path, friend. And thanks for cutting down on Milo.

    I can now drink more! :P

    Talking about gym, gosh darnit, I had a totally energy-sapping leg session. You'll prolly see me walking like a penguin.

    Have fun at the gym today!

  5. Hi Kelwin, hyperX, keeyit, Chris,

    Kelwin ( - Thanks!!

    hyperX - Yeah, part of the new lifestyle is to eat less, eat more fruits/vege and exercise more. :-)

    keeyit - Yeah, I just hope that I'm not losing too dramatically because that's an indication of something else. :-(
    I think for these couple of weeks, it was diet but I still need to exercise.

    Chris - Hey fellow gym kaki.. Thanks! HAHAAH... Milo stock in office has depleted-le... Got to ask Sukh to replenish again.

  6. Please weight at night...the time your ahem ahem full of ahem ahem. Haha

  7. if you stay away from fastfood, you might just lose more. i have not eaten any fastfood for almost a year now... but mine is for health reason.

  8. Hi Che-Cheh, Zewt,

    Che-Cheh - Hahha.. I weigh myself at night. :P

    zewt - Yeah, I've stayed away from fast foods for the last 3 years. Besides fast food, have to abstain from mamak, seafood and also nasi lemak. These are luxury items which can only be consumed once in a quarter... All for health reasons too. :-)

  9. That is fantastic Angie.. well done and keep it up! i agree with the milo bit.. that can really pile on the pounds...evil drink but i loooove it sooooo much :D

  10. Hi YozoraNiteSky,

    Thanks! I have a long long way to go. I lack motivation and discipline at times.

    Yeah, milo is an evil drink which is sooo yummy especially on a cold day.


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