December 06, 2008

Early Christmas Present

First of all, my hearts and prayers go out to the people and their families who were affected by this morning's landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa. May God watch over you during this hour of need. It just amazes me that 15 years on, we have not learnt our lesson about hillside development.

Anyway, on a slightly happier note; I got my AIPO Dry Cabinet this morning! Yippee!!!

Don't worry, the box will be recycled. Should Rusty be naughty, he will be shipped off to Obedience School! :-P

I had my eye on this cabinet ever since I got my camera in October. After some enquiries and research, I decided that I would get this cabinet. I was thinking of using a Lock-n-Lock box with some Thirsty Hippo and silica gel to store my camera. However, being the lazybum that I am, I know that I will forget to change the Thirsty Hippo and silica gel after a few months. **sheepish grin**

I was very lucky to have chatted with my friend online about this cabinet a few days back and found out that he was going to buy some cabinets in bulk with his other friends. He convinced me that the 48 litre was quite a worthwhile buy even though I don't have much gears to store for now. So, I managed to get my box with some discount!! \(^.^)/

The cabinet comes with a small LCD window which will indicate the humidity and temperature of the air within the box. Yes, the dry box does come with a power cord. It is also important to note that the box needs to sit in a well ventilated room too.

It sure looks small and cute...

After I got the package, I noticed that the cabinet is not very large. From the picture above, you can tell that the box is about 1 sq ft in width. Besides my gears, I can also store my other important documents such as my certificates too. 

If you want more information about this, do check it out at

Yeah, I know it's a bit extravagant to get myself an early Christmas present but this will be a gift which will last a looong time.


  1. lol. I just realised we have both the same title for our latest posts, but different context altogether!

    btw, congrats on your purchase! I felt compelled to store my camera which was well exposed to the air (though it's not that humid here) for the past week or so, so I quickly stored it :/

  2. Hi Raymond,

    I just realized it too after I posted my entry!

    I was compelled to buy the cabinet after I saw my Dad's old film camera got attacked by fungus many years back.

  3. It's a nice & useful present. Well worth it. :)

    My mom's decades old camera is store in drawer only.

  4. Wow. Sudah hardcore ah you? NOICE!

    I gots me a new an early Christmas prezzie, too, and it's something I thought I would never do. Let's just say, as a big fan of Man United, it's been a long time coming!

    Enjoy your toy!

  5. Hi Che-Cheh, Chris,

    Che-Cheh - As long as that drawer is dry and dark, the camera is ok; provided it's wrapped up properly. :-) My house tends to be quite humid and very prone to growing fungus lor.

    Chris - That's good news!! Which one you plan to get? Red/Blue/Black... Long sleeve or short? Hahaha.. I plan to get the proper Champs League jersey soon.


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