May 05, 2009

1st Farewell - It Was A Secret

I'm supposed to be blogging about my brilliant first day but I don't think I'll do it as the experience for me was quite overwhelming.. mentally. Not that it was bad but just information overload. Kekeke... What to do, I'm back to working in a US-based company and as is the culture, they equip you with a lot of knowledge for you to do your job.

So, I was not surprised with all the policy and etc. which they "threw" at us. The info I absorbed today will take some time to digest and thank goodness, they have proper contacts so that we won't feel so lost. *phew*

Anyway, when I first tendered my resignation, my company had not decided to give me the last date yet (so typical of chinaman-run companies) but my colleagues decided to throw me a farewell first.

We had to arrange it on a Wednesday as it was the only day the entire team was in the office. This happened because we were already on that 3-day week rota thingy.. yes.. yes.. after we got that 40% paycut thingy.

Due to economic pressure, we went to Secret Recipe.. Hence, it was a Secret. HAHA!!

I don't have much photos of the food as it was not very good and we finished the cakes as soon as it arrived.

Thanks to the ECM APAC Team - Alvin, Ming Yaw, Huat Heng, Linda, Ai Wa, Boo, Kenneth and JY. JY, your photo is not in the montage 'coz you were busy photographing people. HAHA!

There were the few other people who joined, the Backoffice team - Janice, Sukh and Kelly who always got payroll and claims done on time; also helping to settle the SMART problems.. Thanks!

Patrick and Phoebe from the ABAP Team were also there - Thanks for your friendship and support.

Next up, another more elaborate farewell lunch...


  1. I wasn't invited! :(

    Hehe, just kidding there, Angie.

    Am glad for you that your nightmare is over. How I wish mine would, too...

    Have fun in the new office!

  2. I thought what secret... oh secret recipe. Haha

  3. War...economy so bad but still can afford secret recipe? Ha :D

  4. I hope it is a good move for you. Good luck for everything~

  5. Hi Chris, Che-Cheh, Tekkaus, keeyit,

    Chris - Eh bro, we never had that teh-tarik session. Anyway, looking forward to another session organized by your sis. We catch up then, k?

    Che-Cheh - LOL!!

    Tekkaus - It was one of the cheap decent place to go. Besides that, everyone took the cheap set...

    keeyit - Thanks!! Well, no turning back but am wondering about the other offer from the same co. Wondered if I should have accepted that one instead. LOL!

  6. I used to like Secret Recipe, but not anymore. I think they're too commercialised.

  7. Hi foong,

    Yeah, food @ Secret Recipe is not what it was before. I think coz they started cooking at such a large scale that it became yuk.

    Cakes are still ok though...


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