May 14, 2009

Mother's Day

Ahhh... Belated post about Mother's Day this year.

Have you noticed that some places have started to re-brand Mother's or Father's Day as Parents Day?

Now, my Mom gets a little iffy this time of year as she does not see the relevance of having just one special day for moms. Everyday should be a celebration of parents... I couldn't agree more. :P

My cousins Matthew, Marcus and Malcolm decided to surprise my Mom, who happens to be their Godmother this year with some gifts. Besides that, they also wanted to surprise the expectant-mom, my sis too.


The boys gave my Mom a pink rose. I can't remember who presented it but my Mom was so touched by it. When we give flowers to my Mom, she would always scold us saying, "Waste of money. What to do when the flower dries up?"


They also baked her a cake... Chocolate cake, which is my Mom's favourite.

Actually, my aunt called up to let me in on a secret that the boys wanted to celebrate the day with my Mom. I let out the hint that my Mom enjoys Chocolate cake a lot. (^.^)

Anyway, the cake was lovely. I believe that Marcus must have baked the cake as he has great interest to become a chef. This is good practice for him and he has improved tremendously ever since that "interesting" recipe of dessert/salad some years back. Kekeke...

Thanks Matthew, Marcus and Malcolm for dropping by the house and presenting those stuff to Mom. She loved the thought and was talking about it for some time.


  1. That's so nice of your cousins. :) Your mom must be very thrilled.

  2. I brought my mum for sushi in mother day. She din like it.. Anyway, she was still happy.

    Father's day is coming. Where I should bring him le?

  3. A cake baked from the heart is always delicious! :)

  4. Hi Che-Cheh, Keeyit, Sunny,

    Che-Cheh - Yeah, my Mom has a soft spot for my cousins as she took care of them when they were small.

    keeyit - My mom doesn't like sushi so much but she likes Jap food. This time, during Mother's day I was sick. Hahaha... Did you ask your father about where to makan?

    Big Boys Oven - Yep! Food taste great when it's been added the Love secret ingredient!

  5. Yeah! Agree with your mom! :D Now they wanna rebrand it as parents day? Actually it's a good move I believe.

    Hmmm...the chocolate cakes..looks so the one I just produced today...

    Sounds like everyone have fun aye? :p

  6. Hi Tekkaus,

    I agree with you. There are many families with different types of parents - Aunt/Uncle, Single Mom/Dad, Grandparents, why not rebrand to Parents Day.. ;-)

    Wow... You bake cakes.. Hmmm. I suddenly feel like having chocolate cake again!

  7. I feel like having a nice moist chocolate cake!!


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