May 22, 2009

Dog Tired Days

I've been learning to adjust my body's "sleep" clock ever since I started my new job. I used to wake up at around 7-7:30am but these days, I tend to wake up at around 1-2 hours earlier.

Firstly, I was still trying to figure out the traffic timings on the new route to my workplace and so, rather being early than late; I chose to go to work earlier.

Secondly, I was not sure how the parking was going to be like and so, rather than lose a parking spot; I chose to go to work earlier to secure a good spot.

Work has gotten to be a lot more hectic with long meetings and discussions; leaving very little time during working hours to get some job done. In the end, the work spills over and I have to continue at home just to keep up.


At the end of the day, I just don't have the energy to do anything else except to unwind with the dogs - Snoopy & Rusty who comes up to give me lots of TLC.

I feel guilty because I've not been playing with them much and I would really like to spend time with them this weekend. *sigh*

Hopefully, I will have some time left over for that as I know that I will have to continue working on my deliverables. After all, there has to be some life after work, right? The PMs are stressing this as they know from past experience about burn-out.

I've been through that before and it is NOT a pretty picture.


  1. Wow you are that busy huh... no time to work during working time some more.

    Malaysians work too much la.

  2. they just love to talk that much eh? ;)

  3. Hi Che-Cheh, Shinky,

    Che-Cheh - :-) Yeap, when you're in a project, this tends to happen alot. Just that weekends must be used to recharge or else, you won't last the next week.

    Shinky - Yes, when you're in an IT project, you have to meet with clients alot. So, you spend a lot of time talking...


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