May 16, 2009

2nd Farewell - Shanghai Bund Style

Ok... This post is late.. LOL! The said farewell happened on 10th April and that was more than 1 month ago!

Well, April 10th was supposed to be my last day but it turned out not to be so as my boss delayed my last day and etc.

Gone were the days when a farewell in the company meant gathering 20-30 people at one go to have 1 big celebration. The last time that happened, we ended up at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen), where that 1 meal came up to RM1,000++ in total.

Here I am with the "leng luis" of the ECM team - above, me with Ai Wa and below, me with Linda. I've known Linda for 6 years!! Both already have MBA and so, wondering when the other "post-grad" options of babies will come....

Boss SH with Lee Hwa, Gwen and Chen Yen

This time, we had our lunch at Shanghai 10 @ Avenue K and it was with the SAP Support folks. Some of the SAP Delivery were represented by Lee Hwa, while support had SH, Gwen and Chen Yen. Although I didn't really work very closely with them in individual support/projects but being part of the bigger family; we often helped each other out - especially at the Team Lead level where some resource management were required.

All of us were so eager to just get to the makan and JY snapped this photo. Look at Kenneth, so eager to eat....

Finally, a "candid" photo of JY next to boss SH. Boss SH was soo busy that during lunch, he had to step out to make some calls. Well, being the Support Manager; he has a lot on his plate. I remember during that time it was a tough period too.


I didn't manage to capture any other food photos other than the vegetables... LOL! It was all devoured before I could take my camera out. What is nice at Shanghai 10 is the Avocado Rolls and Durian Pancake. Since there were so many of us, we had some dim sum and noodles to share.

The lunch was great as it was time well spent with close colleagues on my "supposed" last day.

Thanks to SH, Chen Yen, Gwen, Shoba, Lee Hwa and others who were so wonderful in providing me moral support and advice during those tough days. I do wish you guys the very best!! We'll have to keep in touch especially for those photography sessions!


  1. ?

  2. Too bad you did not capture the rest of the dishes! Haha!

    It's always nice to eat with friends even if it's a farewell get together : )

  3. Hi Alvin, Foong,

    Alvin - You were off on Friday as you were taking schedule B (Tues - Thurs)...

    Foongpc - Yea... I'll try to take more food photos for the next gathering.. :P

  4. Wow! really late. It's like more than a month ago. Ha :D

    You only managed to captured the "stack of hay" huh? Well...what to do right? You colleagues all were very hungry already mah!

  5. Hi Tekkaus,

    Yeah, it took me a while as I had some other stuff to do.

    The next time I'm there, I'll take more food photos...


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