May 08, 2009

Dogs of Pulau Ketam

I first read about this when I visit 5xmom's site. After I jumped the link, I read about the plight of the dogs at Pulau Ketam, I was moved. When I saw the puppy in the tree, it really reminded me of Oofy, my 1st dog whom my sis rescued too.

As a responsible pet owner, it is YOUR duty as the pet owner to provide the following basic stuff for your pet:
  1. Proper shelter for your pet
  2. Clean Food and Water
  3. Medical care when your pet is sick
  4. Spay/Neuter should you not want to breed your pet
These animals have no voice to speak out when humans treat them badly. It is up to us to give them a voice.

Please head to Pulau Ketam Dog Rescue for more information and updates. If you wish to donate, you can also find out more info there.


  1. The story of Pulau Ketam folks abandoned their dogs at another island was published in The Star few weeks back. So kesian hor.

    Y'all can check for more news on this.

  2. I have just blogged about it too. A snippet of it. It's really saddening to read about this. Then again...the Pulau Ketam residents are not to be blamed. I mean everyone is responsible for this. Let's hope a good solution can be conjured in order to curb this incident from happening again in the future! ;(

  3. As far as I know, SPCA themselves are facing problems too. Resources provided weren't enough to support the dogs, so sending the abandoned dogs in weren't the best solution. Eventually, the dogs will be put to sleep, unless someone adopts them. Of course, spaying would be the best option available to alleviate this problem!!

  4. I went to Pulau Ketam before. The environment there really dirty. So, people like to eat seafood there, actually not so clean le...

  5. Hi Che-cheh, Tekkaus, Sylvester, keeyit,

    Che-Cheh - Thanks for reminding me about the SPCA link.

    Tekkaus - Yes, it is very sad to learn about this. I think everyone will do their best to help rescue these dogs.

    Sylvester - Yeah, SPCA has been having this problem for years. Its about educating the owner about responsible dog ownership.

    keeyit - I can imagine although I've not been to Pulau Ketam but I've been to the old part of Klang and can imagine how the kampung is like.

  6. That's just plain bad. I mean, I'm not a fan of pets, but treating them like this goes to show how humanity has devolved. To the people who actually go out to help the dogs, man, they're brave.

  7. Hi Chris,

    Yeah, when I first read it... I can't help but feel sad for the dogs. As for the humans, I really have no comment.

    A community is as humane as how they keep their animals?

  8. A few bloggers have blogged about this. Also read from Tekkaus' blog. Yes, pretty sad. And there's only so much SPCA can do.

  9. Hi foong,

    Yeah, it was spread a lot through the blogosphere. I just pass the message along.



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