May 07, 2009

I Just Hate The FUD

It's the 4th day into my job and I suspect that I'm down with a slight cold. Got the sore throat, runny nose and general bodyache/weakness. I'll have to see if I can get that colostrum to build up my immunity. But meanwhile, it's plenty of fluids and some Vit C for me.

Anyway, was at the office for 2 days to go through some induction and to pick up my laptop before heading off to the customer site.

As usual, at the customer site, they only provide temporary seating; a.k.a hot-desking or "hotel-ing". I expected this as I'm involved in a project. If you're in the support line or dedicated development teams; it is common to have a permanent seat with a phone line so that you are contactable.

The project is starting to pick up as the requirements phase is underway which means I'll most likely be attending to a lot of meetings.

Now, why I hate the FUD or Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

Fear - Being assigned to some tasks which is a little unfamiliar and so, there is this fear of failure. This may stem from the fact that I set very high expectations of myself. I'm no overachiever but I would like to do my job well. So, the fear of failure is real.

Uncertainty - I'm still new to the organization. There are some stuff which I'm not sure about such as, in the event of me being sick, how do I go about to see the doctor and etc. I'm also wondering if I can work from home. Besides that, I have a fuzzy picture of the project and so, there are some uncertain stuff to sort out.

Doubt - Because of the Fear and Uncertainty, I begin to doubt if I had made the right choice. This is common as once you leave an organization, you can't help but compare your new place with your old one. Even if the previous place was bad, being out of the comfort zone; you will still make some comparison.

I just hate it when the FUD sets in. I'm working on getting over it and am trying to immerse myself in my job to get rid of it. Its just that working for so long, you would think that it would get easier, no?


  1. Hmm don't think too much... don't compare too much.

    It will not get easy only if you allowed it. ;)

  2. oh gosh me too!

    i was down with flu! right after melb trip and my family were freaking out due to swine flu thingy

    but nah, i am fine now...and I know i am not exposed to it!!! lolx

    take care there and get well soon

  3. dun worry....u will get used to it one...hehehe....

  4. Hi Che-Cheh, Lisa, via,

    Che-Cheh - Yea, I should stop thinking about it. Hahaha. Anyway, the feeling will soon pass. Thank goodness I got friends in the company who joined before and so, they can share their experience.

    Lisalicious - hahaha.. I would be freaking out like you too because of the timing and travel as well.

    vialentino - I know. Hope the feeling will be better. :-)

  5. Don't be bothered by the FUD! I'm darn sure you can get over it asap! :D Ganbatte to you!

  6. Hi Tekkaus,

    Yeah. I know I will get over it soon but in the beginning when the feeling hits, it is quite irritating.

    Anyway, having met very optimistic folks, I'm slowly learning to be positive over this. It's still a process to get over the FUD but in time, the process will shorten. ;-)

  7. I'm sure your FUD will be over soon especially if you keep yourself busy and stop thinking about it : )

  8. Hi foong,

    Yes, I agree with you. When work comes in, the FUD can creep in as being new in a job/task, some confidence may still lack.

    I feel that the team I'm in is pretty ok, we support each other... I hope.


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