May 02, 2009

Birthday Dinner @ Italiannies, Gardens MidValley

My farewell posts will be delayed slightly as I will need to post up something in conjunction with EV's birthday.

Yes, it is her birthday today. And no, I shall not reveal how old she is. Kekeke...

Seems that with each passing year, her "evilness" will increase in strength. I shudder in fear to think about how "evil" she will get when she hits 50 in about.... XX years time. (^.^)

Evil Queen Presiding Over Her Loyal Subjects...

I'm not allowed to post pictures of friends as they are awfully shy. So, I will have to focus on the food at hand. HAHAHAA...

Yes, I'm starting to think that this blog will have nothing but food and pictures... Kekeke..


No meal with our friends are complete unless we order some starters. Italiannie's does provide the free bread but whenever my friends head out to an Italian restaurant, the first thing they order is fried calamari. Ok, if you ditch the fancy term, it is just fried sotong-la. The sauce which came with the sotong was amazing. The calamari was cooked to perfection as it didn't turn out rubbery or the batter too greasy.


Again, my mates can NEVER escape from calling a pizza. Since most of the folks on the table were thin-crust fans, we ordered this lovely little pizza which had minced chicken, red and green peppers, mushrooms and cheese. Yummy for a non-seafood pizza.

Oh!! I have to mention that the food pics were taken with my 50mm lens. Love the bokeh and the aperture as it handled well under low-light conditions.


We ordered the roast chicken... again. I remembered my mates ordering this some years back for another birthday celebration and we enjoyed it. The sweetness of the chillies and onions really complemented the chicken and potatoes. The portion was large enough to be shared between the 6 of us.


No Italian meal would be complete without an order of pasta. My friends being fans of seafood, requested for scampi and this pasta was yummy!! Prawns were very fresh and plump and the pasta cooked al dente.


We could not leave EV without some sort of birthday cake. Someone in our group ordered this hazelnut chocolate cake which was not fantastic. I'd guess we should have taken that walk across the street to Delicious for that marvelous chocolate cake. This was a disappointment. I'm also surprised that they did not order Tiramisu... Hmmm...

EV's birthday dinner was fun. Our group had not caught up with each other in a very long time since after CNY and so, it was good to get together again.

Before I forget then....

May God Shower Blessings and Joy on your special day...


  1. I'm starting to get hungry looking at these food! I think I like the pasta the best, especially if the prawns are fresh! And I love pasta cooked al dente : )

  2. Wow nice picts. Love especially the pizza pict. :)

    Is that EV in the first pict? Hehe

  3. oh my! de food looks extremely good especially de fried calamari!!!

    Life's Roller Coaster~

  4. Hi foong, Che-Cheh, ben,

    foongpc - Hehehe.. I don't mind heading back to Italiannies again one day too. Would like to try the other pastas and pizza.

    Che-Cheh - Yeap, if you intend to get a good prime lens, think about getting a 50mm. Nice bokeh and great for portraiture. Yep, it's EV in the 1st pic.

    ben - Go try!! BTW, the food portions are large. So, grab some friends to share.

  5. Your farewell? When is it?
    Maybe I missed out some important posts previously on your resignation.. Am I right?

    Anyway, good luck~

  6. Hi keeyit,

    I just left my company and started work today at a new place. ;-)

    I'll be posting up something on my farewells later.

  7. you had moved to a new company lar! I thought you wanna somewhere far far away pulak! By the way the food looks damn gorgeous! :P

  8. Hi Tekkaus,


    Yea, as much as I like my old company - colleagues, environment, job (but not the boss.. keke), I had to move on.


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