May 25, 2009

Mom's Birthday

It was a rather quiet weekend and we managed to celebrate Mom's b'day last night.


My mom is in her 60's and she's enjoying it. Ever since she retired from teaching, she has been taking things easy.

During the weekend, Mom and Dad went down to Singapore to celebrate a close friend's 70th birthday who happens to fall on the same day too! My Mom had wanted to spend more time but because of my new job, she can't stay for very long as I can't take much time off.

As for the birthday celebration, when they arrived home yesterday evening, we went to have a quiet dinner at Chilli's, Bangsar Shopping Centre. My Mom didn't want any cake or anything as she said that she had too much to eat while in Singapore.


Aside from the picture of the burger I had, there weren't any other photos taken that night since both my parents were tired and my bro-in-law looked sickly after recovering from a bout of food poisoning a couple of days before.

I gave my Mom a recipe book of her favourite cook - Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food. She loves his recipes and often wants to give Western cooking a go.


I don't have that many nice pictures of Mom... I'd figured that one day, I have to sit down and take photos of her. My Mom is shy in front of the camera and it is ashamed as she has a lovely smile.

I don't say this very often and I think I should,




  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom!
    Still looking very pretty Aunty ;)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Auntie!

    I want that burger... :-)

  3. Your mum so in le.. Wear sunglasses nia~

    Happy birthday to you mama.

  4. Hi Che-Cheh, Chris, keeyit,

    On behalf of my Mom, I say Thanks!!!

    Don't play-play.. My Mom once bought herself an Aramani sunglasses because it looked cool. Kekeke...

  5. Happy Belated Birthday auntie! Where's mu present? LOL :D

  6. Oh, that's so sweet of you!! : ) Happy belated birthday to your mom!


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