May 18, 2009

Some Taiwanese Please...

Some weeks back, EV wanted to celebrate her b'day by going out to a lunch and movie. Her favourite X-men character Wolverine was playing and she had been talking about it for weeks.

I enjoyed the movie as it was entertaining and that is all. ;-)

We ended up at Fong Lye, a Taiwanese restaurant in Gardens, MidValley.


I can't remember if this is the Peach Ice-Tea or Passion fruit Iced-Tea, but it was refreshing on a hot day!! I usually like to go for Bubble Tea or Milk Tea but the weather being so hot, you just need something sweet or sour with lots of ice to quench that thirst!


The rice-sets at Fong Lye come with a reasonably large bowl of rice, with yummy minced pork. Most sets will come with 3 small side dishes and a bowl of soup.


This time round I decided to go for the chicken chop which was crispy and succulent at the same time. EV went for the Ginger Beef set, of which I didn't take a photo of...

As for the price, Fong Lye is reasonably priced for the portion they provide. This explains why there is always a long queue outside the restaurant during weekends. There is a complimentary lime drink for those who wait outside for their seat - which is great as it stimulates the appetite too. :-) Besides that, I find that to be a nice touch to welcome customers to the restaurant.

This is a restaurant that I will return time and time again.... Yum!


  1. Is this the one right upstairs? I've passed by it many times and I can vouch for you that the lines are always long.

    Now I'm craving for some Tony Roman's BBQ 1/2 chicken. Hehehehe...

  2. Wow~! It sure looks expensive.. :P

  3. Expensive but sure is yummy...if not people won't be lining up to eat these right? I wonder why the photo of the food you snap is always gorgeous? Ha ;D

  4. Hi Chris, Shinky, Tekkaus,

    Chris - Hahaah! Thought you would like the chicken! Anyway, do give the place a visit, the food is good.

    Shinky - Its at The Gardens, MidValley, of course it will be a bit pricey-la. You can't expect to have nice Taiwanese food at The Gardens for RM5, right? As usual, portion is quite large for the price you pay RM12 and above for a set.

    Tekkaus - Yeah, there is always a long queue outside. Errrmmm... My photo looks good because it was under the right lighting? :P I won't admit that I have good photography skills...

  5. Hehehe.. Paiseh.. Angie. I'm Kampung BOy mar:P

  6. The chicken chop looks great. :) I'm much more into hawker food though that eating in shopping centres.

  7. Hi Shinky, SigmaTE,

    Shinky - It's ok.. Melaka has a lot of great food and it's cheap too. KL, you have to search around for a bit but as usual, those restaurant at shopping malls can be expensive.

    SigmaTE - I like hawker food too but lately have been going to shopping centres to hang out for the entire day, so end up eating at the restaurants there. :P

  8. Never heard of this restaurant becoz I seldom go to The Gardens.

    Your picts are wonderful to look at. Can make ppl like me drool le.

  9. Wahlau eh... damn shiok... hate to see blogs with food... makes me drool too much!! ok ok... must return the favour on my own blog liao!

  10. Haha! this is the restaurant that I complained about last time - they don't accept credit cards.

    But the food is good, right? That's why I went there again even though I was quite pissed off they didn't accept credit card.

    Eh, I didn't know now they give complimentary lime drink for those who wait outside. How come last time I didn't get the drink? : (

  11. Hi Che-Cheh, Ken, Foong,

    Che-Cheh - Try it out!! I'm wondering if I'm starting to be a food photographer... Boolicious's photos are much much nicer. :P

    Kenji - Haha!! I don't know what to blog about anymore these days... Got to think about going places to take more photos.

    Foongpc - Yeah, it's pretty odd but I think they do it to keep costs down? The lime drink will be provided if there is a long queue ahead, which is a nice touch.


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