October 16, 2007

4 Years On

It has been 4 years since Oofy has passed.

She was a lovely dog. She came at a time when the world was going nuts. It was 2 years after 9/11 and the wounds were very sore. At this point, a lot more details were known about what happened on that terrible day.

She came at a time when I was facing the most stressful point in my career. I was asked to do more work and yet, getting not much satisfaction out of it. She just came out of the blue. I still can't believe anyone could just discard such a beautiful dog.

Aside from my parents and sibling, I had never felt so much unconditional love from another living being. She could still love me despite me disciplining her. She could still wag her tail even though I had a black face to show her.

Her face could just turn hearts of stone into hearts of love. She had that ability.

Oofy, I know that you are in God's house now. I hope that you are having a good time there with Jesus and the other animals there. I know that you will make great friends there.

I miss you. I love you. I hope I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.


  1. :) Oofy is an angel. His time is up, he has to go. :) And only letting go gives him the eternal peace.

  2. Hi ehon,

    Yeap, it was her time to go.


  3. geee.. that's why some ppl i know will nver get a dog again. they couldnt bear de feeling of a dog 'leaving' their life.. those bond are strong and hard to cope..

  4. Yeap... That's true.

    My mom said the same thing when we lost Oofy. When we got Snoopy, she said the same thing again. Hmmmm...

    Life is precious, yeah, loss is painful but our lives were so much richer when Oofy came around.

  5. looks like a real cutie..well im sure hes having fun wherever he is.

  6. hi joe,

    yeap, she was. btw, it's a girl. hahahaa... (^ ^)

  7. MonkeyWong3:37 pm

    No pets for me, I can't see them "go" ...

  8. Recently I heard a song from chinese singer Ella from S.H.E. She has a cute dog also BUT she lost her. The song is very meaningful and sad too..

    As you said, Oofy is now at the God's house.. cheers ya.. :)

    PS: I cannot have pets too..

  9. Hi MonkeyWong & Keeyit,

    Yeap, it can be heartbreaking because their time here is so short.


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