October 19, 2007

I'm Finally Back At the Gym!!!


My brain was officially fried today.

Anyway, I nearly didn't manage to get to the gym because there was all this chit-chat with some folks at the office. It's about "Sanctuary" and "Jungles"... Kekeke... *ahem*

Basically, the punchline was "Get pissed but don't get wet!" LOL!!!!!

I'm happy now that I'm back at the gym. Only managed to put in about 1.5hrs of work but then, I think that's enough to start my out-of-shape body back into the work-out regime.

Anyway, football is back and so is the rugby World Cup 2007 finals. I'm a bit sad ever since the Wallabies to Jonny Wilkinson's foot. Good luck to the Roses. Hope that you folks will win the World Cup back-to-back with the help of Jonny Wilkinson's foot.

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!


  1. hey, it's finally saturday and i am over the moon~!!!
    and it's a lovely Saturday! And so I've tagged u on the 38 questions! :D
    Hav a fabulous weekend ya! :D


  2. How's your weekend ?

    After exercises, feel refresh ? I had alot of food during weekend. I also need to go for yoga tomorrow.. hehe..

  3. cbenc12 - Hi & thanks! I'll try to do the tag sometime this week. Kekeke...

    keeyit - yep! exercising is good. i have to go for my regular gym too. had a lot of stuff to eat over the weekend as well.

  4. gyms don't like me. heh.

  5. Hi misti,

    why-la? did you go and break the gym equipment?? hehehe.. :-P


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