October 06, 2007

5 Things

I kena tagged from Che-Cheh but didn't have the time to blog about it on Thursday night as the electricity went out. It was too hot after I got back from church after taking Snoopy out for the blessing mass (to come soon).

Soooo... Here goes-ar...

5 Things in Office Bag:
1. Laptop (Provided by company - wat-to-doo, I is CONsultanT)
2. Mouse (computer, not the live kind)
3. Pen (to write when laptop run out of battery)
4. Emergency Sanitary Napkins (You know-la....)
5. Spectacle Lens Cloth

5 Things in My Purse:
1. Some MYR
2. Some MYC (coins-la)
3. Plastic (gym card, Isetan card, insurance card)
4. Old receipts
5. Redemption cards

5 Interesting Things In My Bedroom
1. PS2 (can't live without my console!!!!)
2. TV + DVD Player
3. Huge stack of pOrn..... Anime (gotcha!!!!)
4. Stack of unopened Oracle World magazines
5. A bed??

5 Things I Want To Do
1. Visit all the Disneylands/Worlds in the world
2. Travel to Europe
3. Shake hands with James Gosling at Java ONE
4. Get another puppy friend for Snoopy
5. Setup a kick ass PC which can run Crysis

5 Things That I'm Doing Now
1. Blogging
2. Preparing technical slides for work
3. Watching Scrubs on DVD
4. Sweating (it's hot)
5. Thinking of which games to get for my PSP

Who else to tag?
1. MonkeyWong
2. cirnelle
3. Alvin


  1. Wah a consultant ar...which field?

    Thanks for doing the tag.

  2. IT-lorrrrr....

    Name only-la.. Still a developer at heart. (^ ^)

    Thanks for tagging me. :-P

  3. wah you are IT ppl lol... some more doing Java.. keng !

  4. Hi keeyit,

    Nothing fantastic-leh. Just a regular Java developer. (^ ^)

  5. Six degrees of seperation. I did that tag some couple of months ago.

  6. whoa...!!

    ok.. ;-) hahaha.. guess i'm probably last in the line then. :D

  7. eeks..i kena tag. haha. my internet connection here damn slow...thx to someone who keep dl-ing stuff. =_=

  8. Hahahahaha...

    At least you can still blog, right? Hmmmm... Time to setup a proxy and limit his IP bandwidth.. :evil:

  9. MOnkeyWOng3:46 pm

    Tenkiu Tenkiu :P

  10. Kakaaka... Sure-bor you can do or not? Seems like you got a lot of things to do?


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