October 18, 2007

Are You Part Of "The Shift"?

My colleague sent a very cool link this morning and so, thought I'd share with you folks.

There is a global revolution going on now and it is gathering pace... It is called The Shift.

'Nuff said. The embedded video will give you folks more info.

The question is... Will You be part Of "The Shift"?

Thanks Sharon for the link! (^ ^)


  1. Is there a hope ? Yes there will always a hope, just the matter of our choice..

    Will I be part of The Shift ? Yeah, we are part of the world, don't we ?

    Thanks for this meaningful video.

  2. Yeap... It's a paradigm shift. ;-)

    Time to give back what the world has given us. Somehow, I feel that our generation is the tipping point generation. (^ ^)

    Spread the word...

  3. Congratulation for winning 5xmum contest! So when do u move 'house'???Have a nice day!

  4. tenqiu tenqiu horny..

    i'm still looking for the ngam date to move.. hehehe.. must consult ppl 1st. :P

  5. looks like we have to look past our petty problems here in this country and look at the greater picture...

    the world is going to change... just a matter of how...

    damn true...

  6. hi zewt,

    u're right... the "when" and "how" questions should be answered.

    we are so much part of a bigger picture here.

  7. Human will not save the earth. It is in HIS hand. The earth is HIS creation so is all HIS universe.

    Human thinks he/she is god but he/she is mere dust. To dust he/she will return :):):).

    Yes, we all should play our part to be responsible. If we love our neighbor as ourselves we know we want our neighbors to share the good things we have in this earth.

  8. Hi Jamy,

    Yeap, humans alone cannot save the world. However, we as stewards of the earth should do our part too.

    "The Lord God took the man and settled him in the garden of Eden, to cultivate and care for it - Genesis 2:15

    Yeap, if we live our lives according to the commandment, Love Thy Neighbour, it would go a long way.


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