October 23, 2007

Canon Expo Anyone?

Its just after lunch. I'm a little full but yet hungry - have not decided what I'll be - hungry or full. LOL!!!

Anyway, just a quick reminder to all you photo geeks/gurus out there.

The CANON Expo @ KL Convention Centre is from today, 23rd Oct to 25th Oct 2007. More details here. (^ ^)


  1. my boss was supposed to be on leave today to attend this... but last minute she cancelled cos there's a meeting... sigh...

  2. ah wish I could be there. Been looking for a Canon digital camera.

  3. zewt - Hahahahaa... You were hoping for a day of rest when your boss was gone, right? :-P

    bee ean - I'm not a big Canon fan myself but I was curious on checking it out.


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