October 26, 2007

I Want To Rant, Can or Not???

I've been having a "brilliant" time at home today...

First of all, my ISP has been pretty slow in connecting to Google and hence, I couldn't grab my mails or rant on my blog. WTF

Second, all the plans I wanted to execute today just went bust.

I have been planning to clear my leave for a while and so, thought of taking today off to do a few things.

However, once my parents heard that I was on leave, they quickly decided to dump Snoopy on me and ran out the door. They didn't come back until after lunch. By that time, I had to rush to get ready for my gym training session.


So, now I can't go and get that fleece jacket from Nike which I wanted and also, I can't cut my freakin' hair.

I swear, every time my mom asks me to go cut my hair, I'll just glare at her, keep silent and walk away. -_____-"


Because whenever they hear that I'm not going out or have leave, they just dump Snoopy on me and just run off!!!

I missed 1 free car service because I couldn't find the time to service my car until it was past the 10,000km mark. Yep, I missed my 5,000km mark. And my parents told me that I had to service my car because the performance was getting bad.

Again, the glare, silence and just walking away. -______-"


Now, I'm no means being disrespectful and ungrateful but sometimes, when you lay down the best plans, it just goes out the freakin' window.

Hope you folks have a better weekend than I will..


  1. Your parents also long time no Pak Tou lol.. give them chance lol..

    How about saturday or sunday ? Do you have time to do whatever you like ? such as cut hair or gym ?

    Happy weekend~

  2. Maybe you should just tell them that you already have plans.

  3. Hi Angie,
    You are rewarded for October top commentators at my blog.

  4. Hi all,

    keeyit - yeap. it's okie. i couldn't go during the weekend as i had to go for my co team building event.

    Kelwin - yeap... i probably should have.

    jamy - thanks!! i'll visit when i have the chance!

  5. MonkeyWong4:19 pm

    Life is sometimes beyond our control :P

  6. Hi monkeywong,

    you've said it. :-)

    i just got to move on.

  7. Why must jaga Snoopy? Scare tearing your house down? :P

  8. Hi Che-Cheh,

    Hahaahaa... Probably more scared of Snoopy pooping/peeing everywhere. :-P

  9. aiyoh, next time dun tell them u r going out.. till like 5 minutes before u step out of the door! LOL~~

  10. Hi ben,

    LOL!!! That's a good idea. ;-)


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