October 10, 2007

Scary Bosses?

I've been "enjoying" my daily car-pooling with EV ever since she got here and am feeling a little glad that I'm so considerate with the environment. I know I should do more but..... (hate that but)

Anyway, we had a conversation about work (what else is there to talk about...??) on the way to work and she related to me the story of her new boss.

EV: Remember my boss-ar, the one I told you who comes in early in the morning?
Me: Mmmmm... **Nods**
EV: I thought she comes in early because she has to fetch her kids to school. Turns out it isn't. She got someone to look after her kids for her. She comes in at 6am.
Me: WAAAAAAHHHH... So scary!!!!
EV: Yealo!! So scary!! She's very efficient and wants things done fast!
Me: Of course-la! That's why she comes in at 6am, so that she looks like she finish her work so fast, 2 hrs before you even step into the office!
EV: Yealo!!! So scary!!!

I used to be a scary boss, i.e. working > 12hrs per day at this start-up I was at. I was stirred to work so hard because I wanted to make it a success. Besides that, there was a degree of insecurity should the company go bust, so, I want to do as much as possible to prevent that. ;-)

Anyway, now that I'm older, I want to start slowing things down a little. I've cut back on my hours from 12 to about 10 or less. Sometimes, it ramps up to about 12-14 based on project needs. However, I've learnt that it is not wise to work very long hours for too long because that burns people out.... FAST! Like what zewt mentioned about the different generations of modern slaves now, I can't seem to push the youngsters these days or else I'll lose them faster than saying "OT"....

EV continued with the conversation by saying this...

EV: You IT ppl won't have such a problem. After all, you all begin work at 10am mah....
ME: **WTF??!!** OOOOooiii!!! That's because I have to deal with overseas people on UK/US time, ok? I work long hours just like you do-la!
EV: Whatever you say lorrrrr....

(T_____T)..... To be continued....


  1. Wah.. That boss is quite scary lel.. Then I think she also does not like her staffs to go home on time one..

    Yeah, agreed IT people work late.. They do not have choice especially those support engineers. I used to be a support engineer in my previous job.

    For me, I think as long as I finished my job on that day, I should go home and rest. Work and personal time must balance..

  2. Yeap... Frankly, I didn't mind my team members coming in late or leaving early because the rule I put down is that the job must be done.

    Definitely must balance life as well as work.

    However, there are times when OT is really required, esp when you have a late night conference call due to different timezones. But after that, you can still take a bit of time off to relax.

  3. Your lesser hours, i.e. 10 hours work, is that inclusive or exclusive of the lunch hour? What to do? Seems we Malaysian slaves love to compare battle scars with someone of a greener-fielded industry.

  4. Hahaha... Inclusive...

    Yeap, we M'sian slaves like to compare to see which Slave Driver is better. LOL!!

    Geez, this is getting kind of jaded, have to move on beyond this. (^ ^)

  5. For me, I work while I blogging. And I stop blogging when I am off work. A wonderful life!

  6. I agreed with keeyit, and angie. since i start working until now, i always hold my principle, that as far as i can finish my work on time, i wont like to do OT.. haha.

  7. jam - wow.. that's really good man. ;-)

    maria - yeap, we all need our "Me" time! (^ ^) but i'm still a workaholic-le...

  8. what the hell... come in at 6am!!!! that's out of this world? she is a machine? what time she finishes?

    as for u... you are slowly coming into realisation... :)

  9. hi zewt,

    i think my friend's boss is one of those rare breed... TITANIUM LADY!! really work until no rust...

    yep, i used to work hard and play harder but now... need more balance - will blog about why i changed my work ethics one day. (^ ^)

  10. I'm with Keeyit and you as well.
    As long as I finish my work for that day...I can kiss OT goodbye. Hahaha
    But that's not what my assistant manager thinks. Blerrrhhh

  11. Hahahaa...

    Your AM is from the "anti-rust" breed esit? Kekeeke... (^ ^)

    However, push come to shove, sometimes have to OT because of deadline but that shows poor planning-la. My big boss talk about balance liao. Hope that he keeps to his word.


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